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Comment Re:ok then (Score 1) 269

Optical media likely still beats thumb drives in terms of cost and are still more standard. The problem with standard is that "just about good enough" isn't really good enough. If you're even acknowledging the fact that thumb drives aren't universal, then you've already got a serious problem with the format.

It's a bit like Zip disks or MD disks.

"Almost standard" isn't quite good enough.

Comment Re:Less demand (Score 1) 269

The market has been pretty stagnant for a couple of years now. Prices have remained high and capacities have not improved much. The really big drives are still relatively rare and rather absurdly priced. I am not looking forward to any new media purchases because there's simply nothing new to look forward to.

If they don't present me with a nice upgrade path, I will continue to just hold onto my old media longer.

Comment Re:They should have gone with Python (Score 1) 387

> Obviously, if you are a C programmer, you will probably continue to program in C

Sure. That certainly explains why he's advocating for PYTHON.

Python would not be my first choice but I can at least understand why it might be chosen. Javascript is just another big fat WTF like everything else associated with Gnome3.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 270

People never needed to use the Brand X tool for this. They just bought into the hype and propaganda. Now that there's something that looks like a new platform, people are willing to challenge old ideas. The notion that you need a particular brand of Word Perfect overkill is starting to look more and more silly.

No msoffice on the new shiny shiny is allowing people to realize that perhaps they never needed it at all.

Comment Re:How could you "dumb down" the living room? (Score 1) 191

Other devices support more services.

Other applications are also much better at managing your own content. This is why jail breaking Apple devices is so popular. Once you break the DMCA, you can put some decent software on the thing.

Suggesting that you use iTunes as your DVD media manager is just so full of fail.

Apple is far less interesting when it comes to the living room and is eclipsed by a number of players, the least of which is Netflix.

Comment Re:How could you "dumb down" the living room? (Score 0) 191

Yes. And you're the perfect example of it.

A lot of hype surrounds Apple interfaces but quite often then are just crippled. They aren't really easy. You just can't do much of anything.

The simplicity is a mirage.

Gabe here is falling into the usual trap of over-estimating Apple and buying into their whole hype machine.

Comment Re:Really complex problem (Score 1) 589

The whole argument is ignoring retaliation.

This is especially relevant for the case of Israel. They or any other nation will immediately retaliate against anyone that can overwhelm their current missile defense strategies. It will be like 911. You get just one opportunity to use that tactic. After that, your ability to attack again will be destroyed as you will be taken apart.

Comment Re:The problem with averages (Score 1) 589

You are confusing test scores with insight.

A lot of problems resolve down to something simple and intuitive that any reasonably bright middle school student should be able to understand. Other things not so much. On the other hand, a lot of this is influenced more by politics and ideology than whether or not you understand the problem.

Too many missiles. Not being able to manage 100%. That's not something that that requires Diff Eq.

Comment Re:What did you pick? (Score 1) 316

Alternatively, all of my other consumer grade cameras have always been pretty limited regardless of what technology they were using. For most people that aren't using pro-grade equipment not much has changed and people that are willing to pay for better equipment can get more interesting (even artsy) results.

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