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Comment Re:Be ashamed, /.ers (Score 1) 336

I'm not cynical. Just trepiditious when an industrialist comes with the name of a Bond villian.

I mean, RTFA. Nothing is contradicting this theory. The "Valley of Death" phase? his "Huge Steel Balls"?

Oh, yeah... and the insignificant little factoid that he's BUILDING A GOD-DAMN ROCKET AND TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD?

Comment Re:Developers love USDP (Score 1) 344

No, it's the usual "[insert name of other product] is good, but, wow, this [insert name of Microsoft product] is great" spiel. Older than Slashdot itself. Noticed the "XCode taking cues from VS" bit. Nice flourish there. The smarter shills have started posting anonymously, or with suspiciously high UID's. Because a reasonable sounding opinion becomes less so once you read they said basically the same thing about Windows ME.

Comment Re:Australian citizenship. (Score 2) 385

Here in Australia, we have an excellent social security system; free, accessible medical care, and soon, an awesome broadband network. All government subsidised.

Results: Very few homeless. Medical care based on need, rather than financial status. An economy in great shape. Low tax rates.

All this forced sharing is achieved with lower tax rates than the US (if my glance at the graph on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_tax_ counts as research). And, even better again, I can still have the big house and the nice car if I work hard.

But hey, you can have the homeless man pissing on your apartment door step, your grandma dying of cancer without respite care, a high jobless rate, and shit broadband. Wouldn't want that forced sharing, right?

Comment Re:When this happens... (Score 1) 497


Say the total number of characters upper case + lower case + numbers + special characters is somewhere around 80. And a password is, say, 10 characters on average.

Is someone really going to issue 10737418240000000000 requests to a publically exposed web server to break your password?

Or, even in the worst case - they manage to access the password hashes directly and don't need the requests to do it - aren't you basically fucked anyway? If they can access protected areas on a service you trust?

Comment Re:Apple stifling innovation in lawsuit (Score 1) 1184

Retina displays did not exist in phones before the iPhone 4

Your earlier quote of "I'm not just talking minor megapixel or processor upgrades, but something game changing" seems churlish, given you are now talking about minor display density increases.

Frankly, the increased screen size of the androids with a corresponding *reduction* in dpi was a bigger innovation than the high-density display of the iPhone 4. Unseated the iPhone from #1 . Game-changing, no?

Comment Re:Lazy Crap. (Score 1) 1184

Hehe... You do realise that you put the "You've got to throw away the stupid cliches" right after the "You've got to fix the system" line, right?

But I wish you luck on your revolutionary quest to "educate" of 50% or more of your countrymen and women to vote the way you think they should. I'm sure that Kucinich, Paul, Nader, and Perot never thought of trying to do *that*.

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