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Comment Re:He looks like he's up to no good? (Score 3, Informative) 1005

Most states DO have this. It's called "brandishing." Exposing the firearm for the purpose of intimidation not related to a defensive reason.

The thing is, if you get punished for pulling it w/o using it, you'll end up with a lot more people shot in the back. Why? Many times simply pulling a concealed gun ends the threat: the idiot threatening you has a sudden stroke of intelligence and bolts or submits. Thankfully, a lot of things can and do change in the half second between breaking leather and presentation on target. That saves many idiots' lives.

Comment Re:California (Score 1) 398

You're right, but like most cheap plastic products they're meant to be disposable and replaced when they start having issues. Can find "natural" and "organic" everything in the supermarkets, except the women. Finding a natural version of that product in CA seems exceedingly difficult (so I'm not letting mine go anytime soon).

Comment Re:California (Score 4, Insightful) 398

Because CA has gotten to the point where they label anything that might conceivably cause cancer in doses 1000s of times higher than anyone would normally be exposed to. Yes, we know, everything causes cancer in high doses.

Hell, fast food joints have Prop-65 warnings because cooking potatoes and coffee causes a trace amount of some chemical to form in certain circumstances, which causes cancer in high doses. Yes, they have reason to be dismissive and laugh because reason has left the building.

Comment Re:Would you kindly... (Score 1) 441

Any loss of rights is deplorable, agreed. The 2nd tends to put teeth on the defense of them.

My point was there are still civil ways to enact change. I believe the popular phrase is "Soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box: use in that order." While the system is slow, it can still be used if people pull their heads out and stop voting for "both" sides; stop picking those who talk out of both sides of their mouth, and start convincing good local people to run for positions.

Rallying, protesting, and otherwise showing political force is good. The guns shouldn't be pulled out until all else is failed, but that in no way means you should sit while the state crumbles around you. SOPA is a perfect example. Tons of money behind that, but people spoke out in numbers and the politicians backed off (except the few, particularly in CA, who are known to not give a damn what people want).

Comment Re:Would you kindly... (Score 1) 441

You're off topic and trolling now, but for amusement sake: now you sound like the nutters that claim income tax isn't legal because it wasn't ratified. 2A was signed in as part of the original 10 and happens to be the reason you can enjoy the other 9, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and the militia is defined as all able-bodied men between 17 and 45 per US Code. But for equality we've let every adult have one if they so choose and haven't had the right taken by court order.

Comment Re:Would you kindly... (Score 4, Insightful) 441

Try and take them. ;)

Sorry, we believe in the liberty to be a moron. We don't like it, but it's your right. If people would stop voting for corrupt sly assholes and actually paid attention to what they do, guys like this wouldn't get a foothold. Ain't a gun-applicable problem yet, but give it another 15 to 20 and it might be.

Comment Re:Good luck ruling it without ICANN (Score 2) 287

You do understand mutually assured destruction right? The US could easily give the finger and default on the loans. That alone would instantly tank the world market across the board. Much of China's economy is based on selling cheap shit to other countries, primarily the US. They're not quite to the point of subsisting on their own yet.

It would be disastrous, but it means the loan holders don't have the control one might think.

Comment Re:"Loaded and inflammatory" (Score 1) 525

It takes an author years of their life to arrange the words in such a way as to bring entertainment value to you in the form of a book. But, because of this new technology that makes copying that arrangement effortless they don't deserve to get paid for years of work? How would you suggest they monetize a text file enough to allow them to live off of it? Or should all book authors do so on a hobby basis only now?

Comment Re:You're not allowed to hate in America (Score 1) 890

I'll correct you on that one. Sticking to the BoR, they love the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 10th. The liberals love the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 9th. I like them all and think they both can go to hell (conservatives for pushing their flavor of morals on everyone; liberals for their bleeding-heart programs and political correct bullshit; both for expanding the government to extreme levels, cronyism, and corruption).

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 1) 360

X was included after much user bash...err, training. I was tired of "I was working and an error popped up." A few finally got it after many requests and will include what program, what window, what data in the window (or record ID), and what they did just before the red 'X' showed up. The rest I pull from the system-generated error report.

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