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Comment Re:Shocking news: (Score 1) 387

Bad design? I've got several programs that let you pick which controller to use and assign whatever macros you like to each button (including completely remapping looking/moving/etc). Oddly enough, an N64 emulator from years ago is one of those programs.

Comment Re:Not Solaris - SunOS (Score 1) 412

No kidding. I mean, matter translation beams won't exist for another 67 years and supposedly there's one sitting in some guy's workshop from the 80's and it still works perfectly with no maintenance and no active crystal rehydration? Please! Assuming the genius could produce a touchscreen surface just adds insult to injury.

Comment Re:You thought the GOP/TP represented regular peop (Score 3, Insightful) 528

So, what you're saying is he should be greedy and vote for whichever politician will give him the most benefits as opposed to who he believes will do the best job running the country and handle issues in a fair and constitutional manner (as much as can be expected from a politician, anyway)? Voters like you scare me. What do you plan to do when you run out of other peoples' money?

Comment Re:why? (Score 3, Informative) 424

Sad but true. And in the process they'll confiscate as many firearms as they think they can under the guise of "evidence" and "just cause" then refuse to return them or "lose" them despite court cases confirming that legally they must return the firearms. Or, they'll flat-out tell the defendant that "sure, the law says X, but you'll have to have a case to prove you're innocent of it. If you just forfeit your guns, we'll drop the charges." which is corrupt, through and through.

Most cops I know arrest on what they feel "should be" illegal because regardless of actual legality, the poor sap will be severely inconvenienced, drained of savings, and possibly have their reputation/career destroyed in the process for daring to do something the cop doesn't like.

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