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Comment Re:Socialism and Unions (Score 1) 670

Damn right. I'm reading some of these stories on here and I can't believe how bad it is in some companies. Every year I get 20 vacation days, 5 flex days (to be used for vacation/dentist/sick/child sick days) days and 15 sick days (that can only be used when you are sick). I also live in Canada so going to the doctor when I get someone really bad doesn't cost me anything extra.

I'll take some of the union-induced laziness exhibited by some of my coworkers in exchange for the power of collective bargaining any day of the week.

Comment Re:Cost vs injury (Score 1) 499

We've had these signs for a decade in BC. The problem is that some people actually speed up when the warning lights start flashing. Basically all it has done is give people a heads up that they need to start accelerating now if they want to make the light up ahead. The end result is people speeding through the intersection far faster than they would be if they had just run the amber light.

Comment Re:Serious comment (Score 1) 146

Where I live the law specifically exempts on-duty policy officers from the talking on the cell phone while driving restriction. There is no language in there saying that the phone call has to be business related either. This caused a bit of an uproar when the law was introduced...but of course it went through anyway.

Submission + - Hostess is Going Out of Business ( 2

beerdragoon writes: It is the end of an era. Hostess Brands Inc, the maker of the Twinkie, is going out of business. Apparently unable to negotiate a contract with it's 18,500+ employees, the company has decided to halt all manufacturing and close it's doors for good. If you are one of the people that still eats Twinkies, HoHos or DingDongs then you might want to hit your local convenience store and stock up now!

Comment Microsoft is a Gold Sponsor for Everything (Score 1) 134

I don't even think Microsoft looks at the events they sponsor. I can't tell you how many tech events I've been to where Microsoft was listed as a "Gold" sponsor. The last few were small ones in a 100 person conference room and nobody from Microsoft was even there. They just paid the x number of dollars to get their name listed as a sponsor for the event. What is $20,000 to a company that charges $30,000 for a single-processor edition of SQL Server 2008 Enterprise?

Comment Re:Microsoft cares about privacy (Score 1) 558

Ok, so what would happen if there were no default option. Before people could use the browser, a box would pop up on first run and ask the users if they wanted to be tracked or not. How many people do you think would choose to allow it? My guess would be a number near zero so I'm all for Microsoft streamlining this process and just turning it off by default. If you really want to be tracked just go ahead and turn it on.

Of course, I don't actually use IE myself, but I appreciate the effort on behalf of my parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Submission + - Samsung Sends Free Galaxy SIII to Dragon Doodler (

beerdragoon writes: A Canadian man received a one of a kind, customized Galaxy SIII from Samsung. How? He sent them a drawing of a dragon he made and asked for a new phone in return. The Samsung social media team responded instead by sending him a drawing of a kangaroo riding a unicorn. The exchange generated a lot of attention and as a way of saying thank you, Samsung provided a shiny new SIII, customized with the drawing of his dragon.

Submission + - A Sasquatch Impersonator Was Killed By Teenage Girls 2

derekmead writes: Randy Lee Tenley, a 44-year old resident of Kalispell, Montana, was killed Sunday night while trying to impersonate a sasquatch.

According to authorities, Tenley was strolling along a Montana highway wearing a ghillie suit at night. Now, the whole point of camouflage is to not be seen, so it comes as no surprise that as Tenley wandered about on the highway, he was struck first by a 15-year old girl, and then again by a 17-year old girl in another car.

But why would Tenley be wandering about in the ghillie suit in the first place? Well, according to friends, he wanted to get someone to call 911 to report that Bigfoot was on the loose. As you might expect, authorities think alcohol may have been a factor. NBC Montana has video from the scene.

Submission + - Study: Marijuana Use in Teens Correlates to Decreasing IQ (

retroworks writes: "The BBC covers a paper published in the USA Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showing a correlation between persistent, regular cannabis use and risk of lower IQ. The study finds the risk particularly correlates use of cannabis by teenagers who use the drug "four times a week year after year." The more people smoked, the greater the loss in IQ. Reviewers of the study at King's College Institute of Psychiatry states that the data and methodology are exceptional, but she also cautions that there may be another explanation, such as depression, which could lower IQ while stimulating marijuana use. The study does not mention or rule out "nocebo" effects, i.e. just feeling stupid for spending your teens hanging out with potheads."

Submission + - Take a tour inside the Large Hadron Collider (

derekmead writes: Tomorrow, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is set to announce some of the most highly-anticipated findings in recent memory: evidence of the existence of the Higgs boson. As we prepare to rightfully laud the researchers who pored over mountains of data to pull out the smallest meaningful blips imaginable, it’s also important that we acknowledge the stunning tech that helped make it all happen. And thus we have the Large Hadron Collider, the $9 billion, 17-mile-diameter particle accelerator that sprawls over the Swiss-French border. It’s the most powerful atom smasher on Earth, and was built largely with the intent of finding the Higgs, which would complete the Standard Model and help explain how matter itself exists in the first place.

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