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Comment Re:I don't own one (Score 1) 330

Agreed. At first, I did not get one because of the risk of the radiation being dangerous to my health, but I am seeing what you are seeing and am getting even more convinced that I did the right thing.

I have a simple cell phone, which I had got as a gift. I have it only for medical reasons, in case I need to get in touch with a doctor, or my doctor needs to get in touch with me, but most of the time, I keep it switched off. The hospital practically forced me to get one, and a relative had a spare.

Comment Screen resolution is measured in PPI (Score 2) 266

The poll is for number of pixels on the screen, not resolution. That would have had a linear relationship to resolution if we were still using 14" CRT monitors that needed as much desk space as was available on a typical desk. These days, screens are flat, need a lot less desk space and come in many different sizes and resolutions.

Resolution is measured in Pixels per Inch.
I think that for most desktop apps on Windows and Linux, about 104 PPI is the sweet spot for a desktop monitor. If programs were more scalable, I wouldn't mind going higher.

As to screen size, a bigger desktop monitor is always better.
I am currently using a dual-screen setup at work using MS Windows, but I would have been very content with just one if MS Windows had had virtual desktops like X window managers and MacOS.

Comment Re:Why does it cost $60K to convert to digital? (Score 1) 308

Digital Cinema is using a codec that is so difficult that it requires specialized hardware to decode. (One JPEG [b]2000[/b] image per frame, not good old JPEG, which is completely different)

The lifespan of cinema digital projection equipment is also quite short, so it will have to be replaced regularly.

Comment Re:ADB (Score 5, Informative) 115

Not all NeXT keyboards talked ADB, but rather some proprietary NeXT protocol.

The commercial USB-to-ADB adapters, such as the Belkin iMate are not that easy to come by.
The best option might just be to use a small microcontroller board and load it up with custom firmware.

Most keyboard hackers use the Teensy instead of an Arduino, but the boards have more similarities than differences.
You can find open source ADB adapter firmware made for the Teensy over on the forum. It was made by a guy with the handle "Hasu".

Comment Re:My brother has a doctorate ... (Score 1) 178

No, I admit everything, otherwise I would not post.
Of course I am jealous of him having a doctorate. I am also jealous of him going to Berkeley to study, and of the inflated salary that his degree has given him.

I could also admit that I have always thought of him as somewhat of a buffoon. I have read a few of the papers that my brother have produced, and have concluded that it is of no consequence.

I have thought of his field of study as being mostly junk even before he expressed an interest in it.
Events in recent years and the macroeconomic community's failure to predict the economic downturn have only reinforced my belief in the field as junk science. ("Hey, let's remove banks from our model of the economy and the model will work!")

Comment Re:Questionable List (Score 1) 657

4) Spotify -- well, many people enjoy streaming music, and it's not like Spotify slows your computer down just by being installed there

Spotify is actually using a peer-to-peer file-sharing for distributing music files.
File-sharing music files does not consume that much resources (compared to, say, file-sharing movies...), but saying that it does not consume resources at all is wrong.

Comment My brother has a doctorate ... (Score 1) 178

... but his doctorate is in macroeconomics, so it doesn't count.
Most of macroeconomic theory is junk science anyway. If you are really interested in macroeconomics, you should study statistics, economic history, political science etc. instead. Of course he got a good share of that too, but not enough to do a doctor in my opinion.

My sister went to college for two years studying design but got no degree.
I have a Master's degree in Computer and Systems Sciences.

Therefore, I do consider myself to have better formal education than my siblings. Better than the average of the two of them, anyway.

Comment Time of day ... (Score 3, Interesting) 211

My answer to the poll's question would be different depending on which time of the day that I would be asked:
* I always read the newspaper in the morning while I eat breakfast.
* I often read on-line in-depth articles during the day and evening, either in a trade magazine or online (frequent visitor to Ars Technica.. which a third of Slashdot topics seem to link to anyway)
* I often end the day with a good book (fiction).

And as to the question if visiting Slashdot itself would constitute the answer "Something Online", I would answer: No, not unless you have actually clicked a link in a story and read the article that the story links to.

Comment Re:Good article on how keyboards got flatter. (Score 1) 201

No, you are wrong about rollover. Practically only the best mechanical gaming keyboards these days have unlimited rollover, because of there being a diode for each switch in the matrix.

Most inexpensive keyboards have instead a matrix that is optimized so that keys that are commonly used together don't block each other ..
There are still combinations of keys that do.
Modern cheap gaming keyboards these days have matrices that are optimized so that the keys in and around the WASD cluster can be used together.

One thing that irks me whenever I see the iPad's .. or even most Android keyboards, is that the row staggering is non-standard compared to physical keyboards.

Comment Re:Keyboard evolution stopped with the Model M! (Score 1) 201

No, the PS/2 came with the IBM Model M2 , which was made even cheaper.
All plastic construction. Smaller, cheaper key caps. The stabilizer bars were not even made of metal. No curve to the keyboard. More noisy than the bigger Model M even though it had the same springs and hammers.

A weird side-note, is that the most expensive vintage keyboard on the collector's market: the "ergonomic" IBM Adjustable Keyboard (Model M15) is closer in construction to the M2 than to the old Model M.

Comment Why I like Eclipse (Score 1) 586

While I agree with the author about Java, there are other things why I prefer to use Eclipse (over other editors/IDEs)

* The compare editor. Especially in conjunction with the SVN plugin. Very very useful.

* I can have more than one project open, and edit and compare files in both. I may seem like something trivial, but too many other IDEs are deficient in this regard.

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