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Comment Re:self-replication is easy... (Score 1) 127

AAh, that makes more sense. I was getting confused because my science teacher used the tidy house analogy at school. If no energy is put into the system (the house), then it's gets messy or high entropy...and I always use to think that I could get it in the same state by purposely making it messy but of course that would require me putting energy into the system.

Sorry, I'm no physicist!

Comment Re:self-replication is easy... (Score 1) 127

re: order/disorder/opinion

I've often wondered about this: If a pile of stones are randomly thrown on the ground, they have a high entropy yes? What I place them carefully in a pre-determined (but identical to the 'random' version earlier) configuration directly on the ground? Surely one has high entropy and the other has low entropy - yet they're identical!

Replace stones with some tiny molocules if you want.

I'm obviously missing something obvious.

Comment Re:Nothings changed (Score 1) 492

I don't mind doing stuff if I can push my linux-based ideology onto them. Windows broken, right, let's install linux - it's the only way to fix this problem!
Joking aside (or is it?) sometimes it _is_ the only solution. Like when my friend's mom's laptop's WiFi stopped working and there were no XP drivers for the dongle she had - linux was the simple choice! ...and I got to push my idiology onto her sexy ass.

Comment Re:SDL... :( (Score 1) 137

"I looked at the source and noticed gems such as, under Windows the fact that SDL_SemWait() was always calling WaitForSingleObject() (which is every time a kernel call with huge switching overhead)"

"So you fixed it and submitted a patch... right?"

I was going to say exactly the same thing.

Yeah, I like SDL.

Comment Get an Arcade Cab (Score 1) 262

Honestly, getting an arcade cabinet and sticking a PC inside was the best (gaming related) move I ever made. Obviously you need the space but it results in a 99% perfect arcade gaming experience. I bought mine over a year ago and I've yet to become bored with it (unlike every other (purely) gaming device I've ever owned, WII, XBOX etc). Having the correct controls for arcade game is simply unbeatable. Bombjack, for instance was simply not designed for DPads or keyboards it works so much better using a proper arcade stick.

Another factor in recreating the genuine experience is the monitor. You have to have an old style, low-res 15Khz display. Again, the old arcade were designed with the blurryness of these displays in mind. Some games look awful on an LCD or razor-sharp CRT yet look incredible on a 15Khz arcade monitor

I love my cab and will be very sad when the monitor eventually and inevitably dies...and CRT's are becoming as rare as hens teeth.

Comment Re:Well, at least the important keys still work. (Score 1) 324

Tell me about it.

Every so often I have to go to the local tip to throw away big items that won't fit in the bin (trashcan) and I am AMAZED at the amount of computer hardware that is piled up there. I used to retrieve the odd machine that looked useable and 9 times out of 10, the machine will boot up (albiet slowly) into Windows XP. A simple install of a lite linux distro and bam! - A perfectly useable computer.

It seems people (morons?) throw away XP machine when they "slow down" as they are "too old".

It completely annoys the god-damn hell out of me.

Oh, the last time I tried to take a machine - I was shouted at and told "You're not allowed to take old computers anymore!!!" - they even have a freakin camera checking for those pesky re-cyclers!

And as for the 'broken' laptops - give them me! I'll install debian on it, hook it up to an LCD and use it has a nice 'n quiet MythTV frontend!

Honestly - some people need shooting.

Comment Why has nobody mentioned Hubbard? (Score 3, Insightful) 112

The best era for 'computer music' was the 80's. Fact. Rob Hubbard, David Whittiker (sp?) to mention just two.

I also love the chip tune music that is sometimes still to be found today on 'cracktros'. Great, simple melodies that tend to loop indefinatly, sometimes making it very difficult to switch off.
  I still have an serial-gen (windows) exe for Nero that has an amazing chip-tune.

THIS is what computer music is.

Oh and also don't forget the 8bit sound / pop crossover that has sort of happened with the likes of Max Tundra.

All this new stuff on your Xbox's and you Playstations is NOT computer music in my opinion...

Comment This was in Viz comic years back (Score 1) 645

Yep, life is imitating art here. I remember a silly (fake) article in the Viz comic, that was basically this exact same thing. In the article it stated that Paul McCartney demanded royalties as someone was heard walking down the street whistling Penny Lane or something.

Brilliant stuff.

Perhaps PRS need to properly define "Public Performance"? I think it's fair that if someone is making money from performing someones elses music, the original artists should get a cut of it. If, it's a very low-key event making little money I really think it harms society.

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