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Comment As an engineer let me say... (Score 1) 736

The problem isn't an engineering education. The problem is a complete an total lack of humanities while undertaking said education. Well, not total lack, but a general consideration that it's a pain in the ass and not required to get your job done.

I nary saw a history class, and the only "humanities" we were offered were labeled such. (I.E. a premade minimal class just to say were had it.)

You also have the problem in that Engineering degrees are so in demand, our engineering schools have become diploma mills. Self-contained enclaves. There was no effort on the part of my school to connect what we were learning to anything else. If anything the attitude was "Engineers were special", and everything (including basic math) had a "For engineers" in the title.

Comment Re:Y2K (Score 2, Interesting) 328

Heck, I worked at a museum that ended up spending 6 figures to wholesale replace their IBM System 36 accounting system with an AS/400. (Including having developers completely rewrite the RPG code...)

In 2001 we had several companies that wanted to donate System 36's to be museum displays. We ended up telling them that we already had 2 of our own!

Comment Re:Why I chose Apple for my dev laptop (Score 2, Insightful) 672

Nothing personal against you, but I've been programming since the age of 10, I've held the title of "Senior Network Engineer" at a research institution for 11 years. And right now I design simulations for the DOD out of bare metal, C, and Tcl/Tk.

And I use a Mac. And in fact, everyone I know who knows what the hell they are doing uses one too.

STFU. Please.

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