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Comment Kind of sad, but... (Score 2) 181

At first I was kind of sad thinking about all those billions of frozen planets floating around out there, with no chance of the kind of life that could explore the universe (there may be life on a hot Jupiter type planet, but I doubt they could build telescopes and space ships)

But then I thought about advanced civilizations - really advanced. They could use these wandering planets for their resources - it could be a good series of sci-fi books
"The Planet Miners"

Comment just 2 (Score 1) 763

One for my house, one for car
Other work related keys are in a briefcase (with travels in the car or back at home/office)
Other keys stay in the house (for the garage, etc...)

Comment Re:for fat and ntfs (Score 1) 399

GetDataBack ( saved my butt when 1 drive (out of 4 on a raid 5 array) failed and while a rebuild was occurring the power supply died! The array was toast but I was able to recover everything to another drive (good thing the MB had 6 sata connections!) - It took a few days to get the 800GB back, but I've never been so happy!


Submission + - What's the min. body parts you need to stay alive? 1

HeyBob! writes: What's the minimum number of body parts that you need to stay alive? How close can we get the the floating heads in Futurama? People live without their limbs and even parts of their torso, but could we live as just a body-less head, with machines for the heart, lungs, kidney, etc... Can we take a step further with bionic ears, speech and sight? How far would you go?

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