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Comment The Brilliance of 'MapReduce' Is Overblown (Score 4, Insightful) 117

I cannot understand why MapReduce has been turned into such a holy creation. The idea could not be simpler: you have a big dataset? Break it apart into pieces that are free of external dependencies, process the pieces in parallel and then aggregate the matches from the processed pieces.
This is not Hadoop, with its elaborate application plumbing or CouchDB with its curious use of MapReduce as part of its querying system.
MapReduce is too simple for all acclaim. It's too obvious.

Comment TFA F'd in the Ass, Oracle Lied (Score 1) 117

The person who wrote this article was an idiot. First of all, it describes several brilliant innovations Oracle brought to the table:

It's a key-value store I guess they have to steal that idea to join the category.
Consistency can be throttled so that a write does not complete until it has gone to one, a quorum or all replication nodes. Duh! For years that has been a feature on nearly every incumbent NoSQL DB such as CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, and others.
It allows you to attach a version number to an object. Duh! again. Another common and central features in CouchDB.

Comment Cringely Rocks (Score 1) 120

Robert Cringely, famous as the only pioneer from Silicon Valley not to get rich, is just an awesome human being. If you don't know why I say that, go to YouTube and find his three-hour creation "Triumph of the Nerds". It's something that is going to be watched for the next thousand years, if humanity survives. It's just an amazing document on the origins of the tech industry and all of its later fruits are visible there.

Comment Wall Street Should Be Afraid (Score 4, Interesting) 944

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." --Mahatma Gandhi. I have never been more proud of my fellow Americans than I am now with the Occupy Wall Street movement. You people on Wall Street, you corporate shills, hedgefund kiddies--your days are numbered. You have been able to buy politicians and get legislation that benefits you and no one else. The US voting population understands that Congress itself is full of millionaires. Yes, last I checked, we do live in a democracy. Much as I despise the Tea Party, they are one type of attack on your right side. The Occupy Wall Street movement--which is spreading like wildfire across the entire world--is an attack from the left. You may think you can mock, ridicule and marginalize the OWS movement but I am not so sure. Go ahead and mock, insinuate that it's all Soros and all of your other techniques. Unfortunately for you, the rest of us also went to college and grad school. We too read constantly, get up early in the morning to study our battle plans and plot our strategy. At first I too saw the lack of common purpose as a weakness. I wrote pieces that explained what I saw as the grievances. Then I heard that fine American genius Matt Taibbi--who wrote that Goldman Sachs is a "great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money"--point out that the lack of a common articulated set of goals and a designated single leader is a point of genius. Just because the OWS movement does not articulate their goals does not mean they don't have goals and designs. And with no stated goals, they are a moving target with a thousand goals. With no central leader, there is no one for Wall Street to corrupt and co-opt. This is classic closed cell behavior as practiced by subversive groups for centuries. Wall Street always attacks like this with money. But without a leader to corrupt, without a single defined list of goals to refute, the OWS movement is a moving target, chimeric and powerful. Go on ridiculing them. We are not going away. If we find that our leaders, even our beloved President Obama, don't react to our wishes, they will be replaced. And I promise you, if we need to replace even President Obama, you will like his successor even less. You Republicans plan to nominate Mitt Romney, he of Bain Capital who slashed jobs, drained equity and walked off with millions? Bring it on! I relish the chance to attack that fat cat. Bring it on. Don't start anything you can't finish. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill-Lynch, Bank of America and Citigroup--to say nothing of all the hedge funds with your poster boy Raj Rajaratnam--you started something you can't finish. You and your millions are no match for our power. We know where you live, we know where you work and where you play. We're coming for you. You had better be afraid, very afraid.

Comment Re:NoSQL, Baby! (Score 1) 191

I don't believe you, Anonymous Coward. To start Facebook invented Cassandra. Are you saying they no longer use it for Inbox Search? Secondly, I have read loads of articles from people who sign their names to their articles, unlike you AC, saying that Facebook uses HBase for several places where they found Cassandra was up to the task. All of the textbooks (published in 2011) that I have studied list with precision how Facebook uses Cassandra and HBase. So, I will accept that Facebook may use MySQL but anytime someone uses a made-up statistic like "95%" I have to believe they are exaggerating. Also, anytime someone posts as Anonymous Coward, I question their veracity. That would include you. If you speak the truth, why are you hiding behind Anonymous Coward?

Comment Re:NoSQL, Baby! (Score 1) 191

I addressed each of his points in order. Can't you read? You say that NoSQL doesn't support ACID--when that's part of its design. There is no promise or intention of supporting ACID. If ACID is necessary--use a relational database! So, you think that Facebook is full of idiots? Why on earth would Facebook's engineers choose to base their entire site on NoSQL datastores if they were not useful!

Finally, the bit about Larry Ellision? That's called humor. You know, to laugh? Ha ha? If you don't find it funny that is your choice but obviously that part was intended in jest. I also notice that you--pussy--posted your comment as Anonymous Coward. That speaks volumes. If you felt such righteous indignation--why not stand behind your every opinion, as I have done? Pussy...

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