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Comment Forced VOIP + Web Snooping (Score 2) 148

So, hot on the heals of a Slashdot story about Australia moving to fibre so they can push VOIP, we now get a story that states that they want to:

force all Australian telcos and internet service providers to store the online data of all Australians for up to two years

Yeah, don't worry - they're not related though. Really, we just think VOIP will improve everyone's lives.

Comment Re:Happening in Canada now too (Score 1) 1174

The actual question is why weren't you a responsible parent and with your son?

If you'd been with your son they'd have sent him through with you and there'd have been no problem.

Because you're only allowed to go through security if you have a valid boarding pass. I worked an extra three hours that day so I could take them to the airport and see them off.

Comment Re:Happening in Canada now too (Score 1) 1174

and I've never in my lunch wanted to just hit someone as badly as I did then.

Never in your lunch? Is that some weird Canadian phrase? Or are you just hungry?

Mistype a few letters and auto-correct gets to turn a serious comment into a joke. Not quite DYAC quality, but I'm sure it will happen to us all at some point.

Comment Happening in Canada now too (Score 4, Insightful) 1174

This isn't just happening in the US anymore. My wife flew from Ottawa to London, Ontario with our two kids (2 month old daughter and 2 year old son) last July. They made my son take off his jacket, hat and teddy bear, put them through the x-ray, then wait on one side of the metal detector while my wife went through with our daughter. At that point he starting crying and trying to pull away from the big stranger forcefully restraining him from his mom. After verifying that my wife and daughter didn't set off the alarm, they waited for all the items to go through the x-ray. Only then did they sent my son through the metal detector, on his own. I got to watch the whole scenario from the dining area on the next floor up, and I've never in my lunch wanted to just hit someone as badly as I did then.

Can anyone venture a plausible reason why they couldn't have sent my son through with my wife, and then just scanned them individually in the event that the detector went off?

Comment Re:Yay Canada (Score 1) 133

There may be a lot of farming in PEI, but our two main population centres have plenty of IT opportunities. My company is looking for a half dozen more senior Java developers, CGI employs twenty times more staff than we do (at various skill levels), and the local government has been advertising the island as a good near-shore location. It's pretty nice to be able to buy a house near the beach, for a reasonable price, and commute to downtown in only 15-20 minutes. And get paid almost what I would get in Ottawa.

Comment Re:Yay Canada (Score 3, Interesting) 133

[offtopic_shameless_plug]My company in also needs some senior developers for our PEI office, mostly for Java client/server work. Don't email me, just click the Careers link on our website.[/offtopic_shameless_plug]

On topic, I'm glad to see at least some of our justices are taking their jobs seriously. Appointed by Stephen Harper, yet curtailing government invasion into private lives. A nice breath of fresh air in a recent gale of anti-privacy legislation. (Thanks Michael Geist, for keeping us abreast of all the government's IT shenanigans!

Comment Re:Lots of free options for Canadian tax payers (Score 1) 387

is your provincial tax preparation also free?

Yes, most of the tax programs include both. There are some exceptions, where certain programs don't support some schedules (schedule = supplementary form.) e.g. StudioTax is totally free, but doesn't support schedule T1273 - the AgriStability / AgriInvest Programs. Since that's only for certain farmers, the majority of filers could use that software to prepare their taxes. As far as I know, filing in Canada is always free: either by phone, electronically, or by hardcopy snailmail.

Comment Lots of free options for Canadian tax payers (Score 2) 387

I realize most of you will assume this question is USA related (I see the firehose story got tagged with "usa" quite quickly), but it applies to lots of other countries too. In Canada, we're supposed to use NETFILE certified software, most of which is free up to a certain income threshold. The Canada Revenue Agency has a list of all software certified for your 2012 filing (i.e.: 2011 tax year). Some of those same companies are probably certified by the IRS for filing taxes in the USA too.

Comment Re:Yes and No. (Score 1) 533

I live in Toronto, a few blocks from the windmill on the lakeshore. Since the windmill went in, my home's propey value has, approximately, doubled, along with the rest of the neighborhood.. The concern is pure BS, just like the shit about windmill health issues.

I think your property value has doubled because you live a few blocks from the lakeshore in Toronto. Without the windmill, perhaps it might have increased even further in value.

PS: That windmill went in 10 years ago; home values in many other major cities without windmills (e.g.: Ottawa or Brampton) have nearly doubled in that time too.

Comment Re:Not for the accountless. Requires Google+. Lame (Score 2) 114

Irony is, most people probably already have a G+ account, even if they never signed up for one.

A Google+ account is not the same thing as a Google account. You have to sign up for G+, it's not automatic. For example, Google Apps administrators have to specifically enable Google+ access for their users, after which the users then have to use their Apps account to sign up for G+.

Comment Re:They're seeing what? (Score 1) 73

I seriously wonder how they're being detected. The only thing telescopes can do is detect emission in the light spectrum.

This detection is by the Spitzer Space Telescope, which looks at the infrared spectrum - not visible light. As for how they found particles so small, the answer is that they found a lot of them. The NASA press release states:

They found the particles around a pair of stars called "XX Ophiuchi," 6,500 light-years from Earth, and detected enough to fill the equivalent in volume to 10,000 Mount Everests. ... It even found them in staggering quantities [in gaseous form], the equivalent in mass to 15 Earth moons, in a nearby galaxy called the Small Magellanic Cloud. ...

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