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Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 0) 327

the dystopian fantasy of laws against swearing, being somehow as arbitrary as real world laws against drinking and driving, is a comparison that only works in your feeble mind

your comment simply reveals more of your low character, attempting to weakly rationalize the irresponsible

the grave, grave crime of using potty words has nothing to do with drinking and driving. that you submit they are is a sign of desperation to make a valid argument, or you are genuinely low iq

assuming you aren't stupid, and just stubborn when proven wrong, then all i have to say is welcome for the education about reality

try to be more responsible in your life, and next time, show some true character and just admit when you're wrong, you immature piece of shit

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

So, the mere act if driving through a checkpoint is good enough reason to require you to stop your car, get out, take time out of your day and schedule to do some test because of an arbitrary head count.

that's not what i said, asshole. in fact it is the exact opposite of what i said. i said assuming the officer of the law has a good reason to apply the test

you can't completely reverse the meaning of someone's comment and reply to them

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score -1, Troll) 327

if you're drunk your judgment is impaired you dumb fuck. including your ability to gauge how impaired you actually are

you don't drive after drinking. ever. quibbling about what actually constitutes being drunk is an immature douchebag attempting to avoid responsibility

frankly, the really only valid response to the attitude and character you expose in your comment is for you to go choke on your mother's cock. you are the problem in this world, to be so cavalier with responsibilities that can easily result in the death of others

in fact, you are the reason the nanny state exists

it exists not because cartoon notions of statist authoritarians who want to take your freedoms away just for shits and giggles exists. but because some people with your attitude are so obviously irresponsible, with your weak self-serving rationalizations, that you *need* a nanny. you really do. you're an immature irresponsible piece of shit. that's what your comment reveals about your character

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

if all law enforcement officers are all cartoon goons out to violate your rights via lying and cheating, you would be right

since that is a cartoon universe that only exists your head, you're simply revealing your feeble grasp on reality

there are bad apples in law enforcement. they aren't that prevalent, and they aren't out to get you

paranoid schizophrenia has treatment options. good luck to you

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

get a cab. take the bus. walk. arrange for a friend to drive, before or after. sleep it off at the location. get a hotel. prop yourself up on the side of the wall. all options infinitely better than driving drunk

while poor urban planning and poor civil engineering may explain why there are more drunk drivers in a given area statistically, it is no *individual* excuse nor explanation. suburban sprawl simply exposes more of the irresponsible douchebag fraction of society to limited transportation options, yes. if they were responsible, they still would not drive, no matter how much the transportation sucks. but because there are so many irresponsible assholes in the world, yes, there are more drunk drivers in florida

which is simply an argument against living in florida

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 4, Insightful) 327

failing a BAC because of a medical condition is not driving drunk, you moron. you don't win an argument by changing the topic

Also, to all those that would throw away everyone's liberties in the search of a small modicum of safety: fuck you.

the most frequent defiler of your freedoms and liberties is not cartoon authoritarian jackboots working for big government. it's the irresponsible douchebags you run into in your life who will take your property, your health, your life. simply because they think freedom means freedom from responsibility. in fact, there is no such thing as freedom without responsibility

and those who often do the most damage to the notion of freedom are not your cartoon notions of statist authoritarians, but social retards like yourself who think freedom means there is no such thing as consequences for *you* defiling the freedoms of those who have to live near you, share the roadway with you, work with you. you damage the notion of freedom by showing there are morons out there who don't even know what freedom is. and when you defile the freedom of others, do you know what society does? it limits your freedom, up to and including prison. as it should. to preserve the freedom of those of us who actually know what freedom fucking is: "i can do whatever i want, as long as i don't hurt anyone else"

you can't increase freedom in society when you allow people who are so egregiously stupid or malicious, that they constantly limiting the freedom of others they encounter with their behavior. freedom is not destroyed just by government. it is also destroyed by the irresponsible and the malicious and the social retards, which is the category you seem to fit into: people who don't have a grasp of what freedom actually means. it does not mean freedom from consequences and responsibility, and never did, and never will

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 5, Insightful) 327

you're giving legal advice to people who drive drunk

1. they obviously aren't the best decision makers, even before drinking, so you might as well be giving advice to farm animals on taking a calculus test

2. to all drunk driving irresponsible assholes: fuck you. the legal in and outs of the exact procedure to establish your level of inebriation is secondary. the primary topic is the police should do whatever they need to to take away your driving privileges, as they should be taken away. oh you need to drive to your job? you drove drunk you stupid asshole, you have proven to society you don't deserve to drive. take the bus you irresponsible douchebag

If you're in doubt about what to do

i know: how about don't drive drunk?

there are no lame ass whiny entitled excuses or explanations that apply. don't drive drunk, no exceptions

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 4, Insightful) 712

most cops do a good job, but there are bad cops that teach kids that dealing with the police is always an unfair proposition. so they run, fight, resist

we don't need a course for police on how to deal professionally with the public, because most do know how already. but we do need cops to stop protecting the bad apples in their dept that make their job harder, and we need an IA dept that is not staffed by the same cops who are out to protect their own. us vs them makes a bunker mentality that escalates all interaction with the public unnecessarily

civilian oversight is also problematic as this comes with unrelated inquisition style agendas

i think the solution is a more european style approach. where getting a job as a cop is far more rigorous, far more difficult, and the higher barrier to entry most certainly involving psychological evaluation, to weed out those types of people who will go to go on to abuse the public

but we do have a problem in the usa with too many bad, unprofessional cops

if your first reaction to this statement is hostility, or blaming the public instead, like the comment i am responding to:

congratulations, you're part of the problem

because in 2015, after recent events, to pretend bad cops don't exist and don't have a detrimental effect, is severely unintelligent and dishonest

Comment these two firms will go under (Score 1) 174

but this type of gambling will continue

the NFL got a specific carve out for this crap when sheldon adelson and other las vegas oligarch assholes got online gambling in the usa shut down a few years ago as threat to their business (welcome to capitalism! aka, cronyism, but this is what most american morons don't understand about unregulated "capitalism"... also amazing that adelson donates to republicans, you know "free enterprise, get government out of business"... lies the poor morons believe for some reason while they do the bidding of the plutocrats)

too many idiots easily parted with their money for this gamblign shit not to continue

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