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Comment Re:The U.S. needs a healthy government. (Score 2, Interesting) 244

Please show me the actual text of the bill that "outlaws racial slurs" or that "forces you to use your preferred pronoun." The actual text.

Note also that the Canadian Bar Association (you know... actual Canadian lawyers) say that C-16 does not threaten freedom of expression. See here

Comment Pros and Cons (Score 2, Informative) 323


  • It really does seem a hell of a lot faster than Firefox 56.


  • As others have mentioned, the GUI changes are shit. Thanks to those who told how to remove the blank spaces before the URL bar and after the search bar, but the rest of the changes are horrible.
  • There's currently no viable replacement for the It's All Text plugin that lets you edit textareas in an external editor. That really cramps my style.
  • The rendered content seems a bit squashed compared to FF56.

Comment Who is Bill Gates to "fix" education? (Score 1) 288

Seriously. He's a mediocre software developer who got lucky. What on Earth does he know about education?

The public education system in the US sucks because there's no political will to make it not suck. No amount of fancy big data and technology will change that. When the Education Secretary in the US is an active opponent of the public school system, you've lost.

Comment Good to know (Score 1) 264

After seeing Villeneuve's brilliant "Arrival" and having enjoyed the original Blade Runner, I had high hopes. They were dashed. Blade Runner 2049 is just too long. Hollywood, get over yourself. Very few stories are important enough to take 2h40m to tell. If your movie is longer than. 1h40m, you need to cut. Blade Runner 2049 was tedious as hell with completely undeveloped one-dimensional characters and unrelenting darkness without even a bit of humourous relief. Very disappointed.

Comment Perl 5 is fine (Score 1) 106

I am the lead developer on a largish commercial spam-filtering product written mostly in Perl. The code is well-structured, readable, easy to modify and well-documented. So I do like Perl 5. As with any language, you have to be disciplined to write good software in it.

Having heard Larry Wall speak, I have to say he comes across as a slightly mad rambling scatterbrain. Hit talks are as much philosphy and theology as computer science, and that shit just bores the hell out of me.

From what I've seen of Perl 6 (admittedly this impression is a few years old) it's a complete mess. It's not only Larry's mad ramblings---it's the mad ramblings of hordes of Larry wannabees, resulting in a massively over-engineered too-clever-for-it's-own-good pile o' shite.

Comment Re:A serious case, but reality for many to some de (Score 1) 195

It's partly the fault of the devices. Facebook, Google et al employ psychologists whose single-minded goal is to make their sites more sticky and addictive. Just google "Facebook Addiction" to see many articles on this topic.

I found myself spending way too much time on Facebook, so I deleted my account for a while. Then I discovered a browser plugin called "F.B. Purify" that I configured to hide everything except status updates from those few friends I still followed. No shared videos, no "Jane liked this" or "Bob commented on that", no ads. It was a far less addictive experience and I spend maybe 15 minutes/day on Facebook, which is manageable.

Anyway, all of this is to say: Don't discount the addictive power of technology. It can stimulate your brain in similar ways to addictive drugs.

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