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Comment Re: As if it's a bad thing (Score 1) 608

I would absolutely love it if more women were open and forthcoming about their interest in me, rather than waiting for me to make the first move

I agree with this. The problem is that, especially for young women, there's still a stigma attached to this. Men's interest in sex is seen as completely normal, while women who show a healthy interest in sex are stigmatized. The double-standard is there.

I used to be on a dating site. I received many messages from guys, sometimes dozens of guys per week. Most were nice, but I just didn't have the time to respond to them all. If I messaged a guy first, he automatically assumed I was super into him and was ready to head to bed, when all I wanted was to start the conversation going. So there is this assumption that women who make the first move are ready for casual sex right away.

Comment Re:As if it's a bad thing (Score 1) 608

enough women say "no" but mean something else

I think that's a myth. And if a woman does do that, you leave and no harm is done. Interpreting a "yes" as a "no" is far less harmful than interpreting a "no" as a "yes".

And sure, some women are assholes. You need to run away from those crazy manipulative people. But this kind of assholery is not even in the same league as sexual assault or not accepting "no" for an answer.

Comment Re:As if it's a bad thing (Score 1) 608

Right. Because "no means no" is universally accepted. *rolls eyes*

Most men do in fact accept that "no means no" and are decent people. I don't blame them for trying to date women they meet at conferences or workplaces or wherever (so long as there's no power imbalance like a boss/employee.) That's normal and fine. However, enough men are assholes that pretty much every woman has encountered at least a few for who "no means yes". It's this small percentage that spoil it for everyone.

Comment Re:20+ Years of Experience (Score 0) 411

My 85-yr-old Mom uses Linux. It's not really any harder to use than Windows. In fact, I'd say home use is a more likely sell than business use; it's businesses who often have specific software needs that can only be satisfied Windows programs (or at least, they think that's the case and aren't willing to look around.)

Comment I don't need to outrun the bear... just you... (Score 1) 411

If everyone switched to Linux, virus writers would target it. So no-one switches. So it makes sense to switch because nobody else will, so you'll be ahead of the game.

Just don't tell anyone else that...

(My company has run completely on Linux since 1999. We're well ahead of everyone else that the bear is chasing.)

Comment How is it homophobic? (Score 1) 520

I get that this might be insulting to Trump (saying that a world leader is willing to submit sexually to Putin is pretty insulting), but how's it homophobic?

Also, this whole stupid hypocrisy about swearing on TV in the United States is ridiculous. How many kids have been harmed by hearing the word "fuck"? Zero.

Comment Re:What even (Score 1) 90

I agree. This will give me at least 4 minutes of standup material. "Oh, my computer crashed. Wait, it's back! It's a MIRACLE. The resurrection is real!"

Or giving geeks everywhere hope: "Wait, what? You can have a kid without having sex? My gene lineage isn't necessarily destined to die out! Yay!"

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