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Comment Whole Paycheck (Score 1) 311

Why didn't Amazon buy Kroger? They have much larger market penetration. Amazon is sitting nearly unlimited cash. Whole Foods is a place where upper-middle-class people can waste their money on goods that may, or may not, be worth the cost. I watched South Park and I have shopped at Wholefoods. They portrayed Wholefoods exactly as it is. Overpriced, agenda driven and snooty.

Comment Re:Still no competition (Score 1) 53

The thing that really grinds my gears about the Best Buy + FBI partnership is that most of the "Geeks" on the Geek Squad are probably easily motivated by the $100(?) bonus the FBI would give them for finding illegal porn on the customer's computer. They may have been so motivated that they could just put some illegal porn on the customer's computer and called up some of Comey's minions for the reward. What's stopping them from doing that?

Comment Does this mean Windows 11 can have a normal PC UI? (Score 0) 180

I am hanging onto my Windows 7 machines until MS releases an OS with a Windows 7-like UI. If Windows 11 doesn't have a normal UI I may have to switch to Mac or Linix. I have hopes for 11 though, because they say to avoid all even-numbered Windows releases. So far the advice has been spot on.

Comment Commodore... (Score 3, Insightful) 857

...VIC-20. Purchased at a garage sale for $20. Later I upgraded to the C-64... and even later an Amiga 500. These days, computers can do anything and the primary difference between my current Windows 7 Pro machine and the next PC i buy will be the horrible Windows 10 UI. But back in the 80's and 90's every new computer was different and NEW and EXCITING. I miss that feeling. Much like my first run through Ashron's Call.

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