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Comment Re:Cost?? (Score 1) 66

They're two of the co-op only campaigns that they very slightly changed to run versus.

Heh, they'll require major overhauls to be properly playable on versus (hence their original exclusion). Those maps have far too many open / barren corridors and the finales for both offer little protection for the infected in many of the easily defendable locations (on a rock in the water in Blood Toll or one of the corners in Dead Air being the prime examples).

It'll be interesting to see how they change them, but I doubt it'll be "very slightly".

Comment Re:Why Not as Fast as XP? (Score 1) 864

I had this idea presented to me a few days ago and though paraphrased it does ring true: Once technology evolves to the point where being faster/more accurate isn't much of an issue, the focus moves to aesthetics. Watches and mobile phones are the primary examples, where form matters more than function for the general population. They don't care if your watch never loses time if it looks ugly...

While computers in general haven't reached the point where they're sold based on aesthetics rather than features, many pieces of software appear to have hit that point (at least temporarily). If the interface is better it does seem to me as though people will care more about it than if it has a couple of additional features.

I may not have described it all that well, but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at rather than picking at specific points. People (in general) do seem to sacrifice utility for fashion, and while you use your computer in a more technical manner for others they don't need it to perform faster and thus are more enticed by making it look better.

Comment Re:Hookay... damage control? Paid by MS? (Score 1) 864

The folder system does have that irritating habit, luckily XdNTweaker is capable of forcing all folders to use the exact same view. At least it claims to, I've not used that feature since I like thumbnails for some folders (so I've had to deal with unexpected resizing/reordering and different views).

Comment Re:The list (Score 1) 385

I think it's worth mentioning the required yearly re-registration (to receive a year-long license key by E-mail) of avast! Home Edition. This is probably not that annoying to the average Slashdot reader, but this might be a problem if you install it on Grandma's computer.

I'm not sure I'd be leaving Grandma's computer without a checkup for over a year, even with precautions taken there's always a chance something bad will slip through the cracks. It's an excuse to visit too ;)

Comment Re:The ones I've played (Score 1) 78

It could just be that you're no longer a part of their target audience, tastes change over time. I couldn't bring myself to play FFX past one of the earlier underwater sections (I think it was just after meeting a female sidekick) for much the same reasons that you abandoned FFXII; it was a drag. Completely uninteresting to me, yet others (like you) rave about how fantastic it is. When it was FFIX, I was the one raving about how fantastic it was and other Final Fantasy fans were saying it was terrible. I guess my point is that it is possible that you just left Square's target audience and it isn't their fault; the games have always held a similar quality that appeal to a demographic you just left.

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