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Comment Sadly.... (Score 1) 53

Most of the shit ONVIF cameras wont let you turn that crap off.
I dont care if the username password is "admin admin" My cameras are 100% hackerproof because they are on a private locked down network. The only gateway to the internet is the single recording PC, and even then you have to VPN in to that network to see them.

Basically if you are dumb you put your IOT stuff on the internet. The smart people treat all of it as dangerous and put it on a network that is segmented and protected because you can not know what these damn things do because every company has to hide their own secrets inside them.

Comment Re:It's more complex (Score 1) 399

When I was 18, I acquired a ridiculous long distance telephone bill.

I made the calls and I owed the money but there was shady business going on.

When I was away at college, we all got long distance calling cards for RCI via the school. These cards had a $100 limit on how much they would allow you to accumulate before they were shut off. I used mine for months, occasionally hitting the limit and getting shut off until I paid. After a few months, they allowed me to make $200 in calls before shutting me off. I paid. The last straw was when they allowd $570 in calls before shutting off the card. I didn't pay right away because I didn't want to keep racking up charges and I didn't trust myself to have the discipline to not use the card if it was available.

The semester ended and I went home. I got a collection letter from Windham Associates, listing my debt and listing a $200+ collection fee. I called up immediately and expressed my desire to not pay $200+ to them in addition to the money that I rightfully owed. They wouldn't budge and they continued to call me until I agreed to send $50 per month until the debt was settled. Immediately after I hung up the phone, I felt outraged that they were successful at making me feel bullied into paying them money for doing virtually nothing. I went and dug out one of the old RCI bills and wrote a check to RCI for the full amount of the bill but NOT the collection fee.

I avoided Windham Associates' calls until after I received the cancelled check in the mail. Once I had that check, I accepted one of their calls. Robert C. from Windham Associates had an edge to his voice because I hadn't sent them any money after agreeing that I would. I smiled big and wide as I explained to him that I had already settled the debt with RCI. I sent them a check for the full amount that I owed them, they cashed the check, I was holding the canceled check and I would be giving him nothing. I could almost hear his face hit the floor when he realized that the easy windfall he was expecting wasn't coming.

I owed the money, it had always been my intention to pay it but that collection agency taught me a valuable lesson. Never pay what they initially ask you to pay. Always find a way to settle the debt for less.


Comment Re:Thank goodness it's not just me. (Score 1) 551

Also, if liking windows 7 is "being an old guy" then what does that say about 90% of slashdot users, a fair amount of which, i'm guessing, stood in line to get windows 95 when it came out and/or red hat linux for that brief moment in the 90's where linux was popular with consumers for some reason.

I'm comfortable being an old guy. I go back to the days of the TI-99 and Apple ][. My first GUI OS was Apple's System 6 on a Mac Plus. I still have some 800k floppies stored away somewhere.


Comment Thank goodness it's not just me. (Score 2) 551

I have been feeling like an old guy for years. When Microsoft eliminated the plain old start menu in 8, I decided that they'd have to drag me kicking and screaming away from 7. I'm still using 7. I have even decided to forgo an upgrade to Ryzen because I do not want 10.

Hopefully, enough old guy nerd rage will convince Microsoft that they made a mistake (like with Vista) and that they should do something to fix it.


Comment Re:Look At The Other Hand (Score 1) 74

"Normal people have a smart phone with history. Normal people show what is on their phone and the details go back years in an average and normal way."

no they don't. Most people do not transfer absolutely everything to their phone every time. Even Photos and videos do not auto transfer and all the apps only a handful you tell to do a "cloud sync" will transfer any data.

Also most people use their phone replacement as an opportunity to clean house.

If you think there is years of data on there then you have zero clue as to how the majority of smartphone users deal with getting new phones. NONE of them do a full backup and then a full restore on the new one. That is far to difficult for the masses.

Comment Duh... (Score 2) 202

Let's see, Intel and AMD's offerings have been complete shit until very recently. your 10 year old i7 is absolutely fast enough and in some instances as fast as a i7 computer from 6 months ago.

Only recently did both chip makers get off their asses and offer any kind of a performance boost that will make a difference and get people interested in buying a PC.

Watch sales to double in the next 12 months.

Comment Re:Fantastic (Score 1) 561

Mine last 20 hours on a single charge, Bose 35 and have been out for over a year now, only time I have a problem is international flights over 20 hours.
My daughters "skull Candy over the ear BT headphones go at least 12 hours on a single charge, those were a lot cheaper.

Comment Re: Recipe for success (Score 1) 287

Most of us don't really have any problems in that department, skippy. It's just you and the other losers who even have to think about things like that. The rest of us have wives, girlfriends, or significant others. When you aren't an anti-social wreck of a human being, getting laid is simple and easy.

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