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Comment Re:Educated population (Score 0) 175

I attended both public and private schools, and I had the opposite experience. I felt I learned more in private school. The students there by and large wanted to learn, and were more respectful. The teachers were happier. Could be the public school I went to was an absolute zoo where most kids didn't want to be there, and made life so difficult for the teachers they didn't even want to bother anymore. Kids smoking pot in class, dropping LSD in the drivers ed instructor's coffee, librarian having sex with students, there were shootings, stabbings, fights, gang problems, general distain for all authority etc. I saw all of that in public school and none of it in private school. YMMV Most of my friends who went to private school lean conservative. I'm pretty satisfied with what Trump is doing myself. I voted for him but he wasn't really my first choice. I think Hillary deserves to go to prison. People died because of her, she compromised national security, and she avoided consequence by abusing the power of her position. If a CEO did what she did she'd be in prison. I see no rational reason to impeach Trump. What impeachable offense has he committed? The way I see education is there has to be a desire on the part of the individual. If that's not there it's like trying to feed an animal that refuses eat. I'd be in favor of getting rid of the education system all together and leave it up to the individual. You want to learn? Cool. Buy your own books, read them, and do your own homework until you understand. If you're motivated you'll go far. If you're not you're going to wind up in the same place you would have if someone forced you to go to school. The difference is we're not wasting a bunch of tax money on morons who aren't going to be any better for it.

Comment Re:Trusting The Intercept? (Score 0) 308

I can't think why. She took an oath to uphold our national security and compromised it to cause political mischief. Are we really any better off now that we've seen that document as a country? She committed treason, and regardless of how you feel about Trump you have to at least see the risk in leaking classified documents to the press. Imagine if someone had done this during the Obama administration. At least with Snowden you can argue there was significant public benefit to the disclosure. But with this? It's just one more thing for the media to speculate about which doesn't really mean much to any of us personally. It's a sideshow from real issues we face and gives our enemies ammunition against us. Way to go Reality. You really made a big difference.

Comment Re:Can I have a copy. (Score 0) 108

People really need to better understand the business dichotomy in a capitalist society. The software is not the product. The stock is the product of any company. They care far more what shareholders think than what users think. Users are a dime a dozen. And what are you going to do? Go to Linux? Go ahead. Eventually you're going to run into an app you need that only runs on Microsoft and you'll be back eating whatever dog food they decide to serve you. Security be damned. Privacy be damned. Usability be damned. That's really how it is.

Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 0) 108

Ok undisclosed vulnerability (created by Microsoft's carelessness) leveraged by our intelligence agency vs Tiananmen Square. Please tell me about your governmental totalitarian equivalence in this regard. All countries have spies. Spying on our own people was hardly cool, but it's not executing our dissenters either. Let's not muddy the waters with false equivalence.

Comment Re:I'm suspicious (Score 0) 164

This thought crossed my mind. And if that were proven to be the case I'd be far less sympathetic. But at this point he found the back door, and he was doxxed by those who should have respected his privacy. That's all we know. Everything else is speculation. So I'm perfectly fine with calling out the dirt bags that publicized his personal info and that should really be the focus.

Comment Re:face recognition (Score 0) 92

His list doesn't single anyone out by class, and he doesn't say how he intends to gage metrics. However, crime from the higher classes isn't as prevalent. Let's face it, when you've got something to lose you're a little bit more careful about what you do. When you've got the IDGAF attitude because "I'm poor anyway what ya gonna do put me in jail and feed me; give me a place to live?" then it's not as big of a deal to commit crime. I've seen this with my own eyes. That's not to say there aren't spoiled rich kids out there committing crime. There absolutely are, and because they can afford better representation to come up with nonsense like affluenza more of them get by with it. But it's still far less percentage wise.

Comment Re:I can see the the hate (Score 0) 128

I'm all for capitalism when you have an idea, invest your own money in that idea, market that idea, and succeed based on your own work. What I have a problem with is if they take something developed by a community of users for everyone and lock it up as though it were their own (like Red Hat did). In my eyes that's tantamount to theft. I've actually been moving away from Ubuntu anyway because I don't like a lot of the new stuff they've done. I've got a slackware install that's very functional and I love it. It was more work to set it up, but I'm learning a lot more about what's going on under the hood.

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