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Comment Re:Kinda like the death-tax hurts farmer lie (Score 1) 211

Sounds like you're just butt-hurt that it's not you. I'm glad you brought up Donald Trump. He took that inheritance and did something with it. He built things, put people to work, created wealth for others. Maybe not you, but perhaps you should look outside yourself. That doesn't happen for someone of low moral character, or minimal acumen. People like that are usually homeless talking about all the money they used to have. Who do you work for? Are you self employed? Get to where you are without any help from anyone else? Doubtful. Chances are you have what you have because of others who are wealthier than you are. Instead of hating on the rich because they took the initiative to get off their behind why don't you put forth your best efforts to become one of them? Because without the rich most the country would be unemployed and the government would have no money to take care of you.

Comment Re:Faith (Score 1) 211

I agree with your premise about US government. Politicians have proven they are untrustworthy and there is little reason to put our faith in government. Driven primarily by greed they rarely do what's in our best interest. Laws are concrete and written down. Very convoluted and subject to interpretation but the text is there if you have time to wade through it. Modeling is only as good as the assumptions that go into it and modeling human behaviors or expectations would be a fruitless endeavor anyway. Predict how two given people are going to respond to any issue. The answer may depend on what they had for breakfast and the difference between Monday or Tuesday in addition to a myriad of other inconsequential factors. However, if it were true that we understand well enough why do these problems persist? We have control over who we put in office. We're one of the few democracies in the world capable of choosing who our leadership is. Yet we let these things continue to happen. Why? I believe it is because we fail to come together for the common good of man. We can't even agree on what that is or should look like. We fight over silly things like race, gender, religion, political party ideals that are never realized in practice anyway on either side, and any other thing the powers that be can think of to keep us from focusing on the real problems. Never changing each others minds just feeling smug and superior because we think that we're right. We are being played for a bunch of chumps and these folks in power laugh all the way to the bank. Show me the scientific model that cuts through that dichotomy to create a better tomorrow.

Comment Re:Kinda like the death-tax hurts farmer lie (Score 2, Insightful) 211

Estate taxes are bad. Whether you're a farmer or a multi-billionaire the principal remains the same. You earned it. Paid income tax on what you earned. Paid taxes on all your assets year after year. Why should your children not be able to inherit that when you die without the government sticking their grubby hands in the pie? Especially when they perpetually waste money like it grows on trees? They can't appropriately manage what they have why should I give them more? Now I'm not disputing your stance on net neutrality. I think Ajit is absolutely sold out to the telcom industry and his analogy about mom and pop ISPs is bogus. But that has nothing to do with estate taxes.

Comment Re:BOMBING NYC (Score 1) 116

They don't usually prematurely detonate the bomb blowing themselves up but nobody else in a false flag operation. Not much of a distraction and highlights the fact that we need to be a little more careful about who we accept into our borders. But don't let anything as trivial as reason interfere with your blind Trump hatred.

Comment Re:Freedom! (Score 1) 347

I was just thinking about this earlier today. If the market is really full of people who would be offended by the practices of Verizon et. al. why doesn't someone start a company? This company would provide unfiltered net neutral internet access. Let the market decide what we're going to put up with from these big companies. The problem I see is there's quite a barrier to entry into the ISP business and you have to get your links from somewhere. What guarantees those links will be neutral or uninfluenced by the big players? The reality is the majority of people are so enamored with Facebook, Netflix, etc that they'll pay whatever it costs. So everyone will be screwed and we'll all complain, but not enough people will vote with their wallets to make a difference. The problem isn't the free market it's the people comprising the market. They're willing to accept what they ought to reject, and even government regulation doesn't fix that problem.

Comment Re:Sounds dire but ..... (Score 1) 163

The technology we do have is not net-zero impact either. It takes energy to make electric cars and the batteries to run them, solar panels, wind mills, etc. The batteries weigh a lot, they're expensive to produce, and environmentally hazardous to dispose of. Wind mills... huge cost to build. They rarely produce energy when it's actually needed. You can't base load with them. If it weren't for tax payer subsidies they'd be DOA. When they break down they're an eye sore, and they're also expensive to maintain. Ever see the ones in CA with oil streaming down the sides? Bet that's great for the environment. Solar panels are a little better, but even then they degrade over time, also cost a lot to produce and maintain, and have a substantial environmental impact on the disposal side. So yeah, they certainly have an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with preserving the environment. Economic starvation is one possible explanation. However, I'm inclined to believe they'd just like to keep receiving funding to solve a problem that doesn't exist. An attempt to create an industry off of bogus assumptions. Plus what better cause to get behind for a politician than one that never existed in the first place? You get a blank check to solve a problem and you spend it however you see fit. Decades down the road when there's no problem you can be the hero.

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