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Comment Re:HP is the worst (Score 2) 243

Honestly, Bloatware sucks but at the same time it is a major source of revenue for them which in turn lowers prices. First thing I do when I get a new machine is wipe it out and start with a fresh OS install. Drivers from the MFG site and boom good to go no hours of uninstalling. My HP DV7 decent machine only cost $400. 2.2Ghz, 500GB, 4Gb Ram, 17.3 screen. Bloatware has its use. However I do agree for the Average user it causes a lot of trouble.

Comment Re:AMD CPUs all over the place (Score 1) 123

Honestly I think where AMD went wrong is while INTEL has been spending money on companies like Dell to increase how many products contain INTEL, AMD went and bought another company to try and improve them selves. They may be a bit behind due to financial struggles however I am one that definitely does not support those who play the marketing game. Has anyone on here ever seen a TV ad for AMD?

Comment Re:open vs closed (Score 1) 416

Really its the lack of hardware restrictions that win. With android you actually have choices. I know it tends to be a hard concept for businesses but people don't all want to own the same damn thing. I want my device to be better than everyone else. $100 android device or $1000 android device or somewhere in between. or $800 iphone.

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