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Comment Re:LOL! Where's Your God Now Apple Fanbois? (Score 1) 304

For the record, MS actually did allow user to have other companies providing key services, and allowed even before MS was forced to separate IE from the system. Also you're completely free to fill up a pepsi bottle with Coke for your own private use. No-one's going to stop you. Unlike when you wish to use a program/service Apple isn't particularly fond of.

Comment Re:Magnesium (Score 1) 289

Made once something like that using 1.4kg of that stuff (don't ask). The pillar of fire was impressive and it burned for about 10 seconds. Even the forest some kilometer away looked almost bright like during daylight. Only after the awe was over realized how dangerous the stuff was, as it managed to vaporize 12 layers of aluminum folio and just about half a meter of earth from under it. I'm willing to bet it could do something nasty to a harddrive though.

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