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Comment Re:Rather Stretching the Idea of a "Car" (Score 1) 220

It's great to see something get this kind of fuel economy, to see where we can take the technology, but it might not be entirely honest to call it a "car".

You could call it a car. You'd just have to make sure to call it a terrible, useless, or impractical car to be accurate.

I mean, sure it has good fuel economy, but all other relevant aspects of a car were completely sacrificed in order to attain it. They apparently even used the lightest driver they could possibly find, an 11 year-old girl, in order to make the numbers even higher.

Comment Re:Data vs. statistiss (Score 1) 266

The accurate term that should be used in the TOS is "location data" and not just "location statistics". "Data" would contain (precise or approximate) location coordinates while "statistics" should contain only numbers pertaining to locations e.g. "user x was located within 100 meters of location y during month z".

Those "numbers pertaining to locations" sure sound like approximate coordinates to me.

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