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Comment Re:Even if we solved all of them... (Score 1) 349

They do not support their older hardware. For example in my job we still use an NVIDIA card of 2006 era (I don't remember which exactly). When I installed the latest version of OpenSuSE one year ago, the proprietary driver did not support it. I switched to Nouveau and never had any problem (perhaps because I don't play 3D games). I have a modern desktop with the latest software in older hardware. Good luck with windows.
Open Source

Busybox Deletes Systemd Support 572

ewhac writes: On 22 October, in a very terse commit message, Busybox removed its support for the controversial 'systemd' system management framework. The commit was made by Denys Vlasenko, and passed unremarked on the Busybox mailing lists. Judging from the diffs, system log integration is the most obvious consequence of the change.

Comment Windows 10 also works fast as long as .... (Score 3, Interesting) 405

The result is surprising to say the least, as installation not only went impressively fast but Windows 10 also works fast as long as you’re not launching a very demanding app such as Photoshop.
My wife's very same netbook runs GIMP, LibreOffice, Firefox and video player concurrently and well under SuSE 13.1
Oh, and under Win7 it takes ages to boot (you do have an antivirus, right?), so I will take the story with a grain of salt or two.

Comment Remember Clarke's laws (Score 1) 580

Remember Clarke's Laws ('s_three_laws):
1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

OK, DeGrasse is not elderly (just 55 years old), but still...

Comment Re:LET US DO EVERYTHING - FOR FREE !! (Score 1) 112

I will repeat my argument. If you don't want to use GPL, for whatever reason, more power to you. I respect your right to publish your code under the license you choose. I hope you respect my right to publish my code under GPL.
If I don't accept your license, I will not use your code. If you don't accept GPL, nobody forces you, or your clients, to use my code. As I said I am sure there are many commercial options.
About your example. Assuming that you used my GPL software, you would be just one of my clients. Thus if you gave me back any changes you made, but I could not redistribute them, it would be not enough a compensation. I want to be able to redistribute the code so that I get more contributions from others.
By the way, if you client combined your code (you give your clients the source as you said) with GPL code, it would not be a problem at all. Since you forbid them to redistribute your code anyway, GPL explicitly allows them to change GPL code, without giving anything back.

Comment Re:LET US DO EVERYTHING - FOR FREE !! (Score 2) 112

You are obviously a troll.
I make GPL software. I want to help my neighbors, even you. You may not want to, or you may have other reasons for not making GPL software. More power to you. I respect your right, and I hope you respect my right to publish my software under the license I choose.
You can take my GPL software and use it freely and copy it to all the computers at your office. You can make changes to my software and you are not forced to publish the changes as long as you keep the changes within your office. I allow you to do so.
But if you want to publish my software with any changes you made, I want compensation for my hard work. I don't want your money, you may be a poor student. I want the changes you made, so that I can use them too. This is the license that I chose about my software, and I hope again that you respect it.
Otherwise, please don't use my software. Nobody is forcing you to do so, and certainly not me. There are more than plenty commercial options. Choose one, or make your own.
But the way I see it, is that you complain because you want to profit from my hard work without the compensation I asked for. To paraphrase your argument, you want to take a bite out of my donut, without paying.

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