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Comment Re:Porn Industry Ready To Drop Flesh (Score 2, Insightful) 249

Not sure if you realize but amateur porn has taken off quite a bit, they're as real as you can get, actual couples having sex in loving relationships (but of course they are still voyeurous and adventurous for letting you watch). It's far better than the shit the pro's have, and with easier access to higher quality cameras it's getting even better in quality.

What scares the producers is that people release it for free, for the love of sharing it so expect more and more in the future as attitudes are more relaxed and accepted.

Comment Re:Not much has changed (Score 1) 706

Interesting reply, doesn't suprirse me. I'm sure in some female dominated workplaces similiar crap also happens, maybe it's just how humans are?

Re the eyes: Whilst people may notice the eyes they may just like the look and pay no real attention to the colour itself, but the shape, and other characteristics. I usually notice the smile/face/eyes because it tells me a fair bit about their intentions (guys and girls) as I've got a high defense mechanism so I'm on the lookout to see what kinda person they are, and generally facial expressions can tell you the most. The colour of their eyes comes in last after the array of checks i tend to do.

Looking at the body is after the eyes n face:P a quick look to notice first the body language then after all that crap the appreciation of the view comes.

Possibly some men just also have bad memory or really don't pay attention at all to colours enough to remember it, but yeah that might explain why he can't recall it vs the standard he's looking at your tits train of thought.

Comment War? (Score 1) 269

Let's say this was used, wouldn't it cause such an economic loss that pretty much every country would consider the US a terrorist state and guarantee a war against the US? Unless of course it simply isolates the US and leaves everyone else all happy...

Comment Re:Crime Pays (Score 1) 387

Amphetamines are handed to children via prescriptions en masse every year, crystal meth is not the only amphetamine around. Pilots are given amphets to keep them alert and safe by the good ol uncle sam, and probably quite a few other countries. It's a common ADD/ADHD treatment and is actually quite safe to use.

Problem with crystal meth is that it's street produced, shocking quality, a highly addictive amphetamine (methamphetamine) vs the more safer variants used for add/adhd (dexamphetamine for eg.)

I'm on dex for ADD in a prescribed dose, I wouldn't try crystal meth ever even if paid. THAT shit is just way too nasty and besides I'm not looking to take a lot to get high but merely treat the ADD (and yes the dexamphetamine works great in keeping focus).

Comment Re:Don't write it during school hours (Score 1) 308

True. My dad was a teacher and always found letting them all talk about fishing, etc for the first 5-10minutes of a lesson would calm down his class bigtime and they would focus better. His class was one of the typical highly rowdy problem kids that other teachers couldn't get to do anything sorta class. A bit of fun as in a bit of talking, messing around a bit, and not getting OVER serious whilst still being within the limits (no porn, illegal shit, etc) is acceptable as it will increase the productivity overall.

Comment Re:Don't write it during school hours (Score 3, Insightful) 308

Sadly people misunderstand how extremely important it is to have fun at school, to excercise creativity and gain inspiration. To be happy, have fun and work on positive socializing AS well as learning. Not all the learning done at schools is purely academics as it's the prime area we learn how to socialize, to get a long with people etc.

Comment Re:"Faith Science Basis?" (Score 1) 714

Lets for instance think of god as super duper smart, powerful, knowing everything. Location of ever single atom in the cosmos, how they interact, etc. Lets think that he can line every one up in order, and his/her/it's brain is so good that they can visualize what will happen for billions of years thus knowing the future.

Now he's lined it all up and presses play, the big bang happens, life goes throught it's paces and eventually his pride n joy humans have evolved perfectly to what he created. Thus Creation via Evolution, all sides are happy.

Comment Re:good idea there, buddy (Score 2, Insightful) 352

Because a lot of America and other countries is based around having a big dick, biggest car, biggest this fastest that, big big shock n awe, and if you aren't packing 8 inchs which is SMALL for porn stars, but PLENTY/too big for many women, you cop shit.

It's stupid, childish, and its the way society is. It's a common insecurity for men to not be the magic 8 inchs or more, and being bullied about it IS psychologically harmful to many.

Comment Re:Hardcore players (Score 1) 459

Problem with the playing 4 hours vs working 4 hours is that the working hours that you can achieve PAYABLE are finite, only a certain amount of jobs with the pay, who will let you work extra and it will cap off probably. So it'd have to be hypothetically working 4 extra paid hours to add more to the argument I guess

Comment Re:Food? (Score 1) 640

Only trouble with human waste is that the bacteria/etc would probably find it much easier to infect us since they came from a human. That's my theory

Once sterilized it should be fine, there are plenty of toilet systems coming out now which produce good quality compost from your leftovers at the porcelain altar.

Comment Re:Food? (Score 1) 640

View them like addicts, with a diminished mental drive to excercise, major self esteem issues and other mental problems where food actually triggers positive feelings for them, then makes them feel guilty which in turn makes them want a source of comfort which, is food.

Then realize they can't just stop taking their drug, it's essential to live, things soon start to pile up and many issues plague them. At the size that they would probably need a scooter, they would have fuck all fitness and merely moving their body with walking would probably wear them out in a few steps.

Yes it's self induced, but without a lot of support and POSITIVE reinforcement it is extremely difficult for them to get past it. If you just give them shit it will probably upset them, make them wanna comfort eat more.

Yes they've probably given up, not everyone has the same amount of willpower, we all suffer from illness at one point in our time, whilst it is self induced there is some responsibility in genetics, society itself, hell people around them, cultural issues, and more which people will just say is an excuse.

Obesity is more than just 1 problem.

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