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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Good games for babies and toddlers?

CastrTroy writes: "I have a 16 month old girl, and another baby one on the way soon. I've been looking for some good keyboard bashing games for her to play. She shows a lot of interest in the computer, since we spend lots of time on the computer. I've been able to find a lot of flash games, and I have some old windows 3.1/95 software which works quite well, but most of them have the problem that my daughter eventually finds a way to escape the game and start affecting the rest of the computer. Are there any games, that block out all keys so that she can just bash the keyboard, and we don't have to keep pulling her away from the keyboard every 30 seconds while we get her back into the game. The usual culprits are the windows key, alt+tab, Windows+L, alt+F4 and many of the other key combinations that will kick her out of the game. Something free would be nice, but we're planning on having 3 kids, so I'd be willing to pay for a game if there was any that actually provided what I was looking for. I'm not so worried about her messing up the computer, but the problem is more that once you leave the game, things get a lot less interesting, and hitting all the keys stops doing interesting stuff, and she tends to get frustrated when we keep pulling her away to get back in the game."

Submission + - What would be your ultimate mobile device? (

Tristan Brotherton writes: "There is no doubt that finally the mobile market is starting to move forward with some innovative new UI's from Apples iPhone, The much rumored forthcoming Google phone that will presumably be a thin client device interacting with their numerous online applications, and of course the progress of linux as a mobile OS to rival Symbian and Microsoft's offerings, along with smart new 4G software based networks like Truphone. My question is simple, where do you think the mobile market is going? What would be your ultimate device / service? What do you think the non-geek mobile market needs? Are there particular technologies you think will play a major role in creating the next break through device or mobile application?"

Submission + - The Rotary Pulse Jet Engine

Anonymous Coward writes: "I have been reading with interest all the comments made about the MDI air-car. In many respects it is good, it is something that we would all like to come true. But in many respects it also places us in the position of the poverty stricken vicar who visits the manor house for breakfast. In order to amuse the Lord of the Manor, he is served with an addled egg, when asked how his breakfast is, he replies "'s good in parts! Seriously though, the amount of compressed air in the MDI design cannot support propulsion for more than a couple of minutes, if you try to replace this air with an on-board compressor you are trying for something a little better than a perpetual motion machine! Even the manufacturers at their web-site agree that the MDI car would run part of the time ( how long one minute, two minutes) on compressed air, and the rest of the time on a small internal combustion piston engine. A far better design using compressed air is the Rotary Pulse Jet Engine. This system also has a compressed air tank on board, but it is filled at only 125 psi! Compare this to the 340 litre, 4500 psi tank required by the MDI aircar to run for one or two minutes. The compressed air is fed into a rotor having combustion chambers (rocket pods) at its periphery, fuel is added to the compressed air stream through a rotary union. It is the Rotary Union that makes possible the whole Rotary Pulse Jet (RPJ) Design . Otherwise imagine trying to supply air and fuel to a rotor rotating at several thousands of rpm, it sounds ridiculous and it is the rotary union that makes it possible. The air/fuel mixture is fed to the sealed combustion chambers through an intak port sealed by a poppet valve, when the poppet valve is closed the fuel/air mixture is ignited and a valve to a convergent divergent De Laval nozzle is opened, the hot gases of combustion leave the rocket pod (combustion chamber) at velocity propelling the rotor in the direction of rotation. At the same time a commercially available air compressor capable of supplying 125 psi at 8 cu ft min. is replacing the compressed air supplied to the combustion chambers. The engine will be far more efficient than mere compressed air, it will have unlimited mileage, is pollution free and because of the high torque can be linked to a flywheel at 3:1 or 4 : 1 gearing to make it extremely fuel efficient. Details can be found at DDjames"

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