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Comment Re:Fedora? (Score 1) 236

Fedora also ships with selinux enforcing by default, and was one of the first distros to do so. As far as I know, you still have to install it in Ubuntu. Also, I'm not sure what you're talking about with the "lots of daemons running and ports open" stuff -- this hasn't been my experience at all.

Comment Re:A shot in the arm? How about cooler chips? (Score 4, Funny) 195

So, to be clear, you just want:
  • Games that are as good as StarCraft, which is a very solid contender for best game of all time
  • Computers to be as cheap as netbooks but as powerful as top-of-the-line desktops
  • Desktops that are ridiculously powerful but don't produce heat


Comment Re:Reduced Effort in World of Warcraft (Score 1) 520

This is, of course, a tactic to entice new players.

I'm pretty sure this is only partially correct. It serves two purposes: 1) It helps people who play recruit their friends. If I'm high-level, and you don't have any characters, if Blizzard can make you get to my level faster, that means the game is more fun for both of us. 2) It helps people roll new alts. You're less locked into your character if the barrier to a new, more interesting one is lower. Blizzard has also said that the newer content is better than the old content -- the designers / artists / writers / etc. have simply gotten better at making the game. Thus, they want you to spend more time in the newer areas, as they're (generally) higher quality.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - The USB Humping Dog joins USB Pole Dancer

coondoggie writes: "I couldn't have said it much better: Every now and then we come across a product that is classy, understated and with a hint of sophistication....this is not that product. The somewhat disturbing USB Humping Dog comes straight from Japan, the world leader in completely pointless but must have gadgets, the site says. To use this dog — which comes in three colors — white, black and brown — you simply slip his USB shaft into your computer's USB port and away he goes like, like, well you know. By the way, this is the same site that brought you the hilarious USB Pole Dancer, a flirtatious, gyrating, portable, 8-inch, bikini-clad blonde pole dancer for your USB port. 0"

Submission + - Donations revive isoHunt

Benjamin Vander Jagt writes: "From the forum: "Indexing running, stats are updating. Be patient with the few days missing." ... "We accepted about $6700 (NET after Paypal fees) in donations since we went down on Jan. 16. That's over $1300 averaged, with about $2000 for the last day alone. Indeed, people like you is the power of the internet, and for sure we'll need your help more in the future." Success stories like these sure warm the heart, and I'm sure the donors love showing just how caring "pirates" are."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Solution to Music DRM

Forget MP3 DRM, what they need is to import high frequency sound that's invisible to human ears to identify the owner of the file in each song they sell. The goal is not to disturb the way you use the song you purchased, and able to track down where it is spread easily.

Submission + - Sony says 'no' to porn on Blu-ray Disc

reversible physicist writes: "From an article in Infoworld:

The choice of which high-definition disc format to use was "kind of made for us, so everything we are replicating right now is in the HD DVD format," said Robby D, a director at popular adult film maker Digital Playground Inc. "As far as I understand, Sony has said to the replicators that if you replicate adult, you'll lose your license."

Many believe that Sony's Betamax video tape format, while technologically superior to VHS, died because the adult movie industry was barred from using Betamax, noted Jake Richter, an analyst at Jon Peddie Research. "Is Sony doomed to repeat one of the mistakes of the past? It seems like that may be the case," he wrote in a report."

Submission + - Sony and Universal Prohibit Squirting Some Artists

ack154 writes: Engadget has a story about Sony and Universal Music apparently denying Zune owners the ability to squirt songs by certain artists to other Zune users. That's right, if you've actually purchased songs from the Zune marketplace and happen to run into another Zune owner, you're prohibited from sharing certain songs. From the article: "In a non-scientific sampling of popular artists by Zunerama and Zune Thoughts, it looks like it's roughly 40-50 percent of artist that fall under this prohibited banner, and the worst news is that there's no warning that a song might be unsharable until you actually try to send it and fail."

Submission + - Is your software ready for 80-core chip?

prostoalex writes: "Dr. Dobbs' Journal is reporting on Intel getting ready to demo an 80-core chip: "That's right: Not an 8-core; this is an 80-core chip. The microprocessor manufacturer has jumped way ahead of the expected progression from dual-core to quad-core to 8-core, etc., to delve into different ways to make something as complicated as an 80-core chip actually work.""
United States

Submission + - How not to be a state representative

uofitorn writes: It seems absurd, but seen on the Department of Homeland Stupidity blog, New Hampshire State Representative Delmar Burridge (D-Keene) had the following to say in reply to an email encouraging him to pass a bill submitted this year that would decriminalize marijuana in the state: "I am copying two members of the Keene Police Department in case you want to change your ways and act legal and save your friends. You are very passionate in your beliefs and would make a great snitch. It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends." Check out the full response here.

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