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Comment Corporate lies! (Score 1) 306

They argue that capping most ebooks at $9.99 would be better for everyone, with the money split out 35% to the author, 35% to the publisher, and 30% to Amazon.

That couldn't possibly be true. Authors never get a 50:50 split with a publisher.

Comment easy enough (Score 1) 125

Use an algorithm to determine if they stick to the 3 major food groups, caffeine, nicotine, and ibuprofen. Parse through their social media interactions to make sure they never get angry because they have killed all of their enemies. And, bot through their pr0n accounts to make sure they have sex regularly.

Comment It is leftover from IS being too vague (Score 1) 241

Math is mandatory for engineers. In the early years people getting a degree in any way related to computers, hardware, software, programming, playing games while smoking weeds... were all engineers. Now that there is mass separation in the field the importance of math on any particular field is not as obvious. Us that design network gear and program network interfaces need math. Lots and Lots of it.

Comment Re:Why - why $1 billion a year? (Score 3, Insightful) 70

Content filtering is mandatory in K12 schools and can be fairly expensive. Hardware in schools take a beating and need more frequent replacements. If you think network equipment is bulletproof do some work for a school. You can grill food on some of their routers. If it were my decision, there would be 10G network to all public schools and companies would be allowed to bid to be providers using bandwidth branching from those hops. It would push down costs, create an open business model, increase bandwidth to all areas of cities, and move schools closer to were they need to be technologically.

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