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Comment It's about money, not cancer. (Score 1) 256

I live in CA, with some of my property on exposed serpentine. I therefore, have to pay extra taxes to California any time I want to dig. The more serpentine, the more money the government receives. These laws are so easy they practically write themselves. Also, it is proposed that the earth's mantle is comprised almost entirely of serpentine (iron/magnesium/silicon), so I suspect these taxes will soon arrive at a county near you. --edfardos

Comment Plantation owners defended their slaves too. (Score 1) 162

Exploiting the population of communist totalitarianism is the slavery of the new millennium. The cotton plantation owners said the exact same thing when it came to defending their slaves. I hope 200,000 americans don't die as we repeat this cycle of history. Please end free-trade with non-free countries. --edfardos

Comment End free-trade with non-free countries (Score 1) 687

There is no such thing as "free trade" with a non-free country. The US companies that control the US government want you to believe it's all about free trade and to avoid protectionism. It's not. It's about exploiting slave labor and executive bonuses. The last time this country addressed slave labor issue 200,000 americans lost their lives. --edfardos

Comment End free trade with non-free countries (Score 1) 456

When did the USA decide it was okay to support communist china? Why do we have "free trade" agreements with non-free countries? Even my little girl can figure out the problem with that policy. China manipulates their end of our free trade agreements. I think the US should ban the export of US dollars to China -- if China can manipulate the free market, then we should be free to do so as well.


Comment End free-trade with non-free countries now (Score 2, Insightful) 812

Simply end free trade with non-free countries. If the US is incapable of this simple concept, then buy Chinese and do everything you can to prop up the Chinese economy and government. The US lifestyle will degrade until we're equal with China. Our only hope is to try to bring the communist standard of living up to what we expect in the USA or any other free country.

End free trade with non-free countries, or try communism! buy Chinese!


Comment Zero privacy with corporations above the law (Score 1) 166

Simple communication privacy pales in comparison to banks sharing your financial information with credit agencies, utilities which require a social-security number in order to provide power and water, medical insurance companies sharing your medical history with each other to make sure you're not insurable if you get sick, homeowners insurance companies colluding to put all your private claims information in the global CLUE database to make sure you never file claims, lest you'll never be insured again.

At least arbitrary communications can be encrypted and you can actively fight for your privacy. The bigger problem is corporatism selling your privacy as these companies operate above the law and government that supports them.

But, that's just me, I could be wrong,


Comment Off the shelf parts exist (Score 1) 259

Get the FMA Copilot which uses the horizon (infrared) as a spacial reference. A GPS can be used in conjunction with this to provide a bearing with waypoints. A 30-dollar gyro can also be used (they're standard with every RC helicopter) to maintain proper roll attitude. These setups are used in conjunction with stanard RC equipment. They can take over if the transmitter signal is lost and return to origin. The one thing all this cannot do is safely land the aircraft -- that still takes a human behind the transmitter. --edfardos RC Aerial Photography

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