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Comment Re:Computer Teacher? (Score 1) 317

If you've read The Diamond Age, the Primer is a good example

Even in that vision of the distant future, human intervention was required to make it work completely.

True, in that certain copies had people involved, but I guess it was more an optional feature, to allow the parent to guide or influence certain decisions, Anyway the primers for the chinese orphans were described as AIs lacking human intervention.

Comment Re:Covering up for a crony? (Score 1) 172

The differences between an AK-47 and an M-16 is that an M-16 is a finicky beast, but its also a more accurate beast - you will achieve rates of fire and accuracy with an M-16 that you wouldn't with an AK-47, but it comes at the price of higher maintenance requirements.

True true. While both designers of the AK-47 and M-16 (AR-15) were WWII veterans, work on the rifles that eventually resulted in the AK-47 started during WWII itself (SKS, Mikhtim) was started due to the designer's (Mikhail Kalashnikov) complains with their Soviet rifles, hence reliability in the field was prioritized.

Comment Re:If only there were another solution... (Score 2) 429

Then you just copy the end result.

Yes, hence the original purpose of the patent system, to give the original researchers a chance to recover their investment and thus motivate research


I wonder how much they invested to get the rectangular box with curved edges design which they are currently using to sue their competitors out of the tablet market...

Comment Re:Seems like a non-issue either way (Score 1) 248

Sorry, but in my point of view, "Evolution" is just natural selection. It's not pro-human, it doesn't gurantee that humans will develop and implement an alternative in time.

In fact, evolution will see that if humans fall, something else will evolve to replace them. Unless something stops evolution, like killing all life off the planet.

Comment Re:A second just Justice.... Please (Score 1) 604

Malaysia has this thing called the Internal Security Act

Please note that the ISA (Internal Security Act) was enacted by the British during the post WW2 period for use against communist insurgents that were plaguing the country then. ISA was then extended due to activities by Indonesian saboteurs and the 1969 racial/political riots.

It has been used frequently to put down opposition, most notably during the 1980s as part of Operation Lalang.

The current usage of the ISA as a brickbat was introduced then PM when he was voted out of the ruling political party. Much progress on Malaysia's democracy was lost that time.

Comment Re:Stop buying oil from these dipshits (Score 1) 604

nasty about their God, when these people will kill you for drawing a fricking cartoon,

The tweets was about Mohammed, not God. Anyway, it was more like a one to one talk between 2 men (the journalist and Mohammed).

to get away you go to ANOTHER crazy jihad country!

actually he was on the way to New Zealand. And Malaysia was just a transit point. It's easier to get out of SA to another Islamic country than straight to NZ. Plain dumb luck that Saudi pushed the warrant through Interpol fast.

Comment Re:Why arent these people beaten in back alleys ? (Score 3, Interesting) 159

does that mean, society is ok with getting repressed as long as they can talk against it, even if it doesnt provide any fruits ?
It seems modern man is much more obedient than medieval peasant.

Yes, considering that quite recently (relatively) "complaining" about repression was considered sedition and will get ya jailled for it. In fact, Malaysia has a ton of anti-sedition laws that is still being used to slap down on opposition.

It's not that moderm man is more obedient, it just that we're less anonymous. A medieval man can run to the next country and start a new life, but not a modern man

Comment Re:and ordered Apple to pay court costs (Score 5, Insightful) 129

Apple has money to spare. And the damage is already done. With the Christmas shopping started, early buyers would have settled on the Ipad2 instead of the Galaxy Tab as gifts. Question now is whether there enought Galaxy Tabs in stock for the rest of the Christmas season

Comment Re:Sorry Mr. Armstrong (Score 1) 409

Probably was written before WWII where huge technological leaps clearly affected the war's outcome: A-bomb, radar, enigma

Not really, Nazi Germany fits the story, with its advanced tech (and many firsts) but inferior production. V1 cruise missile? V2 ballistic rocket? The Tiger heavy tank? Me 262 jet fighter. StG 44 assault rifle. The list goes on.

Anyway, the A-bomb finished the War in the Pacific, but that was already a foregone conclusion. And the Enigma was cracked early on, so it was a negative advancement since it gave the Allies intel.

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