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Comment Re:Paranoid about control (Score 1) 140

Well, what did the law state when the early works of Beatles were created?

The (theoretical) idea of a long copyright period is to encourage creativity. But what's the point of extending the copyright of that which has already been created? Extending periods retroactively will only stifle creativity, since creative reuse is hindered - while what has already been created is already there. From that point of view, both Disney movies and early Beatles songs should be in the public domain by now.

Comment Re:US rules do not apply (Score 2, Informative) 415

There have been answers to those questions from much more prominent Swedish legal experts, so I'm not going to bother my cousin. The answers in the media have been:

1) The chairman of the Swedish organization of judges was very surprised that the judge in the TPB trial did not mention the memberships in question. (It is the judge's duty, in Sweden, to mention everything that might bias him/her.)
2) Google is general purpose, TPB is not - at least that is the motivation in the conviction documents.
3) This is the question where everybody has their own answer. The view of a 34 year old judge in the lowest circle of courts doesn't carry any special weight. We do generally have much lower compensations in Sweden, than in the US. You can only sue for actual losses.

Oh, and he is a she.

Comment US rules do not apply (Score 5, Informative) 415

But since Sweden is not a part of the same judicial tradition as the US, this has no bearing on the TPB trial. In Sweden, you are pretty much guaranteed a second trial at a higher level, unless it is a question of a small-time crime (or the case is very simple). This being a high profile trial, making an appeal to the second level was a given, even before the trial started.

If the second level court decides the judge was biased, they will order a re-trial at the first level - which will then be followed be an appeals process. The reason the lawyers may not go through with a re-trial, is that it will only mean another trial that won't add anything of interest. Since this is a very special trial, the Supreme Court may take the case too - or order a re-trial at the second level. So a re-trial at the first level may not be worth it, we were probably looking at 3 or 4 trials anyway.

IANAL, but my cousin is a judge here in Sweden.

Comment Re:Are there any pirate party members in office? (Score 2, Interesting) 410

There is an election to the European parliament this year too. There are not so many representatives to elect, but there is usually a much smaller participation. So, if you want to cause a stir, the EP election is a better bet.

And then there's always the church election come fall... ;)

Comment Re:I never thought I'd see the day. (Score 1) 262

Probably from the fact that the TCP/IP driver used to say it did. It was under BSD license with the advertizing clause.

I'm not sure exactly when they wrote their own, but I think it was after Win2k. So, I would think Vista or Server 2k3 might be it. (Gut feeling says Vista - but I haven't used Windows after 2k, so I haven't checked.)


Submission + - Greatest Widget Toolkit for C/C++

Twinbee writes: "I'm a C/C++ programmer looking to expand into the world of the GUI. The ideal widget toolkit should be cross-platform, but adhere to the native widgets where possible. It should also be simple to use with the shortest code possible, yet flexible and mature to suit large-scale projects. Finally, the applications should all run like greased lightning and have decent WYSIWYG GUI editors if possible.

After a cursory look, it would seem there are so many; wxWidgets, Ultimate++, JUCE, GTK, QT, V, Fox, Lgi, WTL, ZooLib, and SmartWin. After experiencing some of the horrors with the Win32 API, which of these are worth trying out?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Trying to defy the law of gravity (

SamWon writes: Armed with a paddling pool, an umbrella and some crappy cardboard thing, the Human Guinea Pigs take on the law of gravity. A new TV series from the UK where 5 regular guys, with the guidance of Professor Milligan, probe the big questions of life and the universe... and touch things they shouldn't.

Submission + - Facebook to Crash the Online Ad Party (

eweekhickins writes: Mort Zuckerberg, the sandal-wearing Facebook CEO, was cagey during his spotlight moment at the O'Reilly Web 2.0 conference. He was clearly more comfortable talking about the company as a development platform to tether social connections, saying the platform is just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of how far it can go. But he did admit to John Battelle that the company will look to online ads for growth and hinted at more announcements about that issue in the next three months. Social graphs. Online ads. Apps tethered my social maps? Was he talking about his users, his business model or the developer community when he said, "It might take 30 years before this is a really mature platform"?
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux and its identity crisis 2

Jayze Calrtini writes: From an article from ZDNet:"If you've been following the current rift in the Linux community between Linus Torvalds and his minions squaring off against Con Kolivas and the mainstream Linux fanatics, you probably know that it's getting quite heated. You also probably know that these two entirely different ideas could create three possible paths Linux can take for the future: stay geeky and appeal to the advanced tech guru in all of us; go mainstream and leave the advanced functionality and reliable kernel behind to compete with Microsoft and Apple; or face a "civil war" that could lead to total Linux annihilation.

AMD Releases Register Specs For R5xx And R6xx 121

ianare writes "AMD has recently released register specifications for the ATI Radeon R5xx and R6xx graphic devices. This will (theoretically) allow the OSS community to develop drivers, given time. In fact, engineers from Novell have released a first alpha quality Open Source driver which currently supports initial mode settings. Although current work is focused on 2D, rather than 3D acceleration, this type of information sharing could conceivably lead to an OSS 3D driver."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Sun CEO says NetApp lied in fear of open source (

Lucas123 writes: "In reaction to NetApp's patent infringement lawsuit against Sun, CEO Jonathan Schwartz today said in his blog that NetApp basically lied in its legal filing when it said Sun asked them for licensing fees for use of their ZFS file system technology. In a separate statement, Sun said NetApp's lawsuit is about fear over open-source ZFS technology as a competitive threat. "The rise of the open-source community cannot be stifled by proprietary vendors. I guess not everyone's learned that lesson," Schwartz wrote in his blog."

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