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Comment I want every ballot to have a "none of the above" (Score 2) 171

Every ballot should have a "none of the above" option with special rules if "none" wins. If none wins then no one who ran is ever eligible to run again at this level of civic election and none of them are entitled to any rebates, refunds or other campaign support in anyway from the general public purse.

The purpose this none of the above option would be to make sure all candidates engage and encourage voters and don't waste our time.

Comment more attempts or more detects (Score 0) 500

So are more people attempting to transport guns or did the TSA just get better at detecting them?
Both of those are pretty bad things.

Also :
  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW): 153
That is like 1 every 2 days. At least the numbers show where most idiots live. Yes I uses idiot there. They must totally disregard gun safety to do this.

I am really surprised that anyone who attempts to transport a gun does not automatically get added to the no fly list.

Comment Crypto with a backdoor is not crypto (Score 1) 251

Unless both a mathematician and sociologist working together can show in a hard proof that crypto with a backdoor is as secure as crypto alone I maintain that crypto with a back door is not crypto so the request is impossible to fulfil and simply moot.

Like the lawmakers that tried to make PI = 22/7 the request is simply a violation of reality, proving once again the politicians have no concept of reality.

Comment Re:"Support" vs "Use all the bells and whistles"? (Score 2) 458

See the CPU bug of last week where a math operation can cause SkyLake processors to crash. It can be worked around with a BIOS upgrade that avoids the problem by using a trap to escape the crash. Things like that need BIOS updates on systems in the field. A lot happens under the hood the regular users are not aware of.

Comment passive powers? (Score 1) 188

Also the darkside hides from the light side. All that hiding has to be some sort of force use. Seems to me the measurement process is missing the passive sensing abilities, like the ability to feel a planet full of people die without even looking for it.

If you are going to measure the use of force you need units and a strength measure.

How much force is that in midi-choloridian-seconds? And how do you convert that to Newtons (kg*m/s^s)

Comment You can't do someones job for them (Score 1) 163

The silly stuff of pride and self preservation means you can't do someone's job for them.
You show that they (and possible the massive task force behind them are "useless").

It is a stupid system. The whistle blowers should get a nice reward for saving further wasted money. And yes it is possible those in charge get a black mark for not following whatever lead it was. Overall from the top, the system should adjust and continue to reward these outside sources of information as good competition against an inside system going soft.

Comment So how many kids at that school have phones? (Score 1) 954

Every mobile phone is potential bomb trigger. Did they round up all the kids with phones?
All these people keep freaking out over are things that they suspect are triggers which just indicates how stupid the populace in general is.

A bomb is 3 things
- trigger
- detonator
- explosive

Just about anything from a string to a super computer can be trigger setting the condition for activating the detonator.
Getting in a panic over something that might be trigger is ludicrous and does not help.

Comment Robots first (Score 1) 189

We now have much more advanced robots. And robots just need energy, which can be collected from sunlight. No water, food, air. If we go back we would first do it with non-humanoid remote controlled robots. I see that leading on to humanoid telepresence systems with humanoid devices remote controlled from earth. Sure its a time lag, but it would give long term presence at a lot lower cost.

Comment It is taking its time, early reports from 2011 (Score 1) 236

Earlier reports came out in 2011

Claims less energy inputs, less expensive equipment to make and shape and stronger results.
If the money savings and benefits are there I would have expected it to have been scooped up and monetized by now. Unless there are real IP issues preventing it from getting accepted.

Comment Re:real winner: Kickstarter (Score 3, Informative) 31

Fees can vary by country: https://www.kickstarter.com/he...

For the US 8% to 10% comes off the top. It pays to be a middle man. Especially a middle man with a good reputation who brings in eyeballs.

If your project is successfully funded, the following fees will be collected from your funding total: Kickstarter's 5% fee, and payment processing fees (between 3% and 5%). If funding isn't successful, there are no fees.

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