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Comment Re:I Have a Vive (Score 1) 141

I'm considering Vive for a flight sim. Other than the motion sickness, how does it work? Does the forward facing camera help? I've heard about smudged text on the instrument panels and some people would recommend TrackIR over VR. Also considered it for Elite Dangerous, which is possible to play without looking at your keyboard but X-Plane not so much.

Comment ZFS and lots of redundancy (Score 4, Informative) 475

ZFS will guard against bit rot. That's not enough. RAID isn't enough. You need redundancy outside your home or office. Cloud maybe expensive for the amount of data you have, but Amazon S3 maybe the most affordable in that range. You could get S3 for maybe $15-20 a month if you have a terabyte of data. If that's cost prohibitive, rotate external drives regularly and keep one at work. You'll lose very little data since you're archiving things.

Comment So he asked? (Score 1) 917

I mean, if she said no and he persisted, then that's a different story. Yeah, bad form on this idiot's part for asking her on the first day. I put it like this because I remember an employer's policy defining sexual harassment as unwanted sexual advances. My coworkers and I briefly joked "well, you have to try and fail once for it to be unwanted." We joked, yeah, but if Uber has similar language in their policy, I'd say that guy has a good defense for himself already.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

One of the larger employers in my city doesn't care about education so much. They want experience. They'd take someone with 5 years experience over a fresh degree in the same field any day. That said, maybe we are seeing that the workforce says experience is what really gets the job done. Less training, more productivity, more money, and, historically, they were willing to pay bigger bucks for it.

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