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Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

Given the way things are going with wine and for openGL, we could be there already if it wasn't for generally abysmal support for linux drivers. I think Valve pointing out "hey, halflife runs equally well on linux when you freakin support it!" is about the only chance we have of having reasonably up to date linux gaming support in the future.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 1) 262

There is no US analog, because the US has no legitimate interest here. We're only involved because our government is more than happy to roll over for the MPAA.

There is no "Sexual fraud" here, and there is historical evidence of both the US being willing to break international law as needed for MPAA interests alongside the evidence that the swedish prosecutor is refusing to follow standard swedish procedures which were openly supported by Assange.

Comment Re:skating on the edge of legal? (Score 4, Insightful) 302

This is hilariously dishonest.

Conventional taxis don't have to go out of business - that's a strawman/misnomer. Why don't they provide their own apps to provide service to riders? Oh, right. Uber is doing what taxi services refuse to in a lot of instances. Uber isn't the problem here, but old outdated legislation is.

Taxi services don't operate 24/7 with 100% coverage, that is and never can be the case anywhere. Meanwhile, uber is opening up to other competition and enabling better coverage than the taxi services themselves provide.

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