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Comment Re:How does scarcity not work in their favor? (Score 1, Insightful) 132

Artificial scarcity that you can control, is the new hotness. Apple has become a fashion company. In many ways, it already was one. It really became prominent with the Apple Watch and all the band accessories. That's what Apple needs to do with the iPhone. Mass-produce the specs, but limit the case edition to different material. Software (iOS) doesn't give a shit about esthetics and materials. However, it does care about a unified hardware platform. If Apple isn't careful, they could really fuck themselves by creating too many hardware permutations of iPhone.

Comment Re:If you thought enterprise IT was just software (Score 1) 353

All water under the bridge now. But, I'm actually very thankful for this job, and its outcome. It served a very valuable life lesson, and served me well. You can't really buy that. Major ROI of my time there :)

Respect goes both ways. While I could have negotiated, why? No, seriously, why?! They obviously didn't have enough respect for me to put me back on the original job I was hired to do. Why would I want to fight for it? That tells me it could happen again. No. I'm passive aggressive for sure. But, what matters to me is not the actions people take, rather, the actions people don't take.

Me quitting that job was mutual. They quit on me, so I quit on them. Business as usual.

Comment Re:If you thought enterprise IT was just software (Score 3, Interesting) 353

Yes, it was a union shop last I worked. That was the other final nail in the coffin for me at that place; my union dues took a giant bite out of miniscule paycheck. As long as it's voluntary, I'm ok with Unions; and for people that make it a career to work there, being part of the Union is probably a good thing. But I was young and got suckered into signing the dotted line. I take full responsibility for not knowing what the fuck I was signing; lesson learned. But, at least they could have advised us a little more clearly on which scenario would best fit someone in my situation that only wished to work part-time and for a limited period. There's no way in hell I would have gotten a benefit from paying those dues, and I think they knew that!

Comment Re:If you thought enterprise IT was just software (Score 5, Insightful) 353

Forgive me in advance, as I've told this story before: Back in the mid 90's, I used to work part-time at Kroger (grocery store) as sacker. That job paid minimum wage, but, we got tips for sacking the groceries, carting them off to the parking lot, and unloading them into the back of the vehicle. I don't see that going on anymore, an in many cases, the person working the till does the bagging (customer still puts the bags into his/her own cart). But I digress...

One day, the janitor was out for a week. I was called out to fill the position in his absence. In fact, just to show how hard of a worker I was, I took extra effort to clean the restrooms and mops the floors more thoroughly. Never did see that guy come back to work. However, I was rewarded via holding the janitor position for the remainder of my employment (which I quit after six months). Why would I stick around?? I worked harder, and made LESS money as it was still minimum wage WITHOUT tips. Yeah, I said to myself "fuck this shit, I'm out of here!".

So what's the point in telling this story?? That no good deed goes unpunished. If you work in IT, don't be "that guy". Being the eager beaver will get you known as the tech guy who's prompt. That's a bonus, but it will hold you back from further advancement. Trust me, I know how that movie played out too.

Oh, what's it like to be young, ignorant, and down right foolish. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself several times, HARD!

Comment Re: Obvious response of technology firms (Score 1) 230

FYI, in case you haven't been paying attention to what's going on in China, the authorities are slowing clamping down on Internet access to the point of going full-tilt whitelisting of publics IPs (both individuals and in blocks). I shit you not. Also, it makes sense for logistical reasons that iCloud storage and iOS device backups occur locally and not flung across trans-pacific fiber. Oh, and ease of access to data. Why not right? it's in their backyard now.

Comment Re: Obvious response of technology firms (Score 1) 230

Not true. If Apple (or any other company) were forced to build a government backdoor, most likely it would be the government that holds the keys, so Apple would never be involved in any of the government accesses.

It's quite possible they could do that, but then every other nation-state on Earth would be demanding the same type of access. So in effect, when you choose what region you live in (or traveling too) in iOS, it encrypts with that nations certificate that would allow said nation to access the content on the iPhone upon request. It might be one of the many reasons Apple is building a datacenter in China in fact.

Comment Re:Shorting Amazon today (Score 1) 205

Cities are targeted by nuclear weaponry. As I understand it, back in the old days, cities were targeted with non-programmable "hard card" logic boards. To retarget an ICBM of that vintage, you simple swapped out the card. Best to have diversification in a nation ;). You want both rural and urban as a hedge. The cities would fall, but at least there's something left salvageable in the aftermath.

Comment Re: Obvious response of technology firms (Score 1) 230

Apple does that already. It was an engineering solution to a legal problem. Now matter what the government can demand, Apple can't crack an iPhone. As such, can't fulfill the request, nor can they be held liable (because it's physically not possible). About the only thing they can do is reset an account password.

Really, if Apple had a backdoor, or was forced to make one for the Gov, I guarantee that Apple would be forced to build an entire building that holds nothing but staff to respond to these requests 24/7. Now, why in the fuck would they want to pay for the salary of those people!!?

Comment Re: Shorting Amazon today (Score 1) 205

I'm not so sure the problem is as pronounced today as it was back then. When small towns dried up, and depending on how quickly, the ROI might not have paid off. Meaning Walmart had losses too.

Today, Walmart is probably more thorough in their financial risk assessments. Though still you're right, in the grand scheme of things, they've been very profitable in major cities and around the suburbs.

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