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Comment Re:putty (Score 1) 144

I don't agree with the silly "retirement of PuTTY" sentiment in this article. Everyone knows that the console prompt won't meet the needs of even the most casual remote shell users.

The big news is that, in the future, there will be an officially-supported and NATIVE implementation of OpenSSH using the native Microsoft Windows crypto library instead of OpenSSL on the Windows platform.

That's worth the cost of admission, if you ask me.

Submission + - Microsoft releases preview of OpenSSH server and client for Windows 10 (servethehome.com)

kriston writes: Microsoft released a preview of the OpenSSH server and client for Windows 10. Go to Settings, Apps & Features, and click "Manage optional features" to install them.

The software only supports AES-CTR and chacha20 ciphers and supports a tiny subset of keys and KEXs, but, on the other hand, a decent set of MACs.

It also says that it doesn't use the OpenSSL library. That's the really big news, here.

I understand leaving out arcfour/RC4 and IDEA, but why wouldn't MSFT include Blowfish, Twofish, CAST, and 3DES? At least they chose the CTR versions of these ciphers. (Blowfish isn't compromised in any practical way, by the way). I prefer faster and less memory- and CPU-intensive ciphers.

Still, it's a good start. The SSH server is compelling enough to check out especially since I just started using X2GO for remote desktop access which requires an SSH server for its file sharing feature.

Comment Well, they tried to do this with the Clipper Chip (Score 1) 510

Well, they tried to do this with the Clipper Chip and the Skipjack algorithm back in the old days. Essentially, there was a second public key use to encrypt the data, for which the government owned the private key.

It's trivially simple to implement this scheme on today's smartphones and computers. All it takes is legislation.

Whether this is good or bad depends on your feelings on whether absolute privacy is compatible with a safe and civil society.

Comment Wished Ballard didn't give up on their gas-turbine (Score 1) 177

I wished Ballard didn't give up on their gas-turbine electric car.

They just kind of... gave up. At the time there was no real excuse, just a statement that said something to the effect of "Umm, nevermind, we're dropping everything and moving all research to fuel cells."

Problem is, fuel cells are just glorified batteries. The gas-turbine directly converted fuel to energy without that huge conversion step in the middle.

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