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Comment Re:Make their USE/DISPLAY illegal... (Score 4, Insightful) 597

I don't agree with Dog-Cow's take on this... But Anonymous, are you also going to call the FBI and have them investigate everyone that saw the Twilight movie? You know, the one where the 400 year old fart was trolling a high school for an underage girlfriend? Yeah, Bella was only 17 years old. And no federal law enforcement agency gave a crap about that.

Comment Re:Simple answer (Score 2) 216

Some states do that. They have a deposit on all plastic bottles. They talked about doing it in other states and 'certain political officials' stated that it would be a burden on the poor. When it was asked why don't they remove the deposit on pop, they reply, "The poor shouldn't be drinking pop, water is better." - So let me get this straight: The poor should buy water which is more expensive then pop. Even though they're owned by the same company. -- Sorry for the tangent but this type of thinking is why many states or even cities don't have appropriate recycling programs.

Comment This happened in the '90s (Score 1) 201

Some of the Windows code was released. It was downplayed. But everyone had a good laugh at the notes which were left in it like (language cleaned up and paraphrasing.): My personal favorite..."Why was this section added?" - "Because someone is doing something way above our pay grade." - "Take this out! It could be exploited" - "It's been two years, why is this still here?" - "This was put in for a reason. Don't take it out again." - "I removed it because It could be exploited!" - "I don't give a m***er f**k! As long as it's our exploit it stays in!"

Comment Re:Nothing will come of it (Score 1) 61

Actually, Wells Fargo just got done firing a bunch of people. Also, the local Wells Fargos were renting their change counting machine. (Huh?!!?) They didn't renew the contract. So now when you bring in change someone will sit down and help you fill up some trays. I almost feel like applying for that job. I wonder if it comes with benefits.

Comment Back in the 90's... (Score 1) 48

This guy put out an app which would on-the-fly rewrite your memory on a Macintosh. It would defrag it to free up space and reduce the risk of crashing. You could actually watch the results in the About Mac window. Well, it seem that the 'free space' was achieved by the app itself closing! *laugh* Free for 7 days and then pay $5 to unlock it permanently. Lucky for me, I always wait for an update or two before plopping down the cash for software. --- Fast forward to today. This makes me wonder how many times has the program been updated. And how many versions of the iOS has this worked under. Because putting out a coin flip app that's here-today-gone-tomorrow is one thing. A scam which lasts the test of time is another.

Comment Re:Pseudoscientific claptrap (Score 1) 418

This reminds me of a Guy Kawasaki lecture I went to decades ago. He was promoting Disk Doubler, a compression tool. He mentioned how he saw his competition giving a very interesting demonstration. (Sorry, don't remember who exactly the other guys were.) They shrunk a 200+ page text document down by 98%. Not bad. Until you realized the file was one sentence repeated over and over again.

Comment Re:Digikey kicks their butt (Score 1) 240

You left out the part about Apple. At one time they were selling Apple II's. And when the Mac came out they had a chance to actually become an official Macintosh distributor. As one manager told me, "It's hard enough finding people who know how PC's work." When I asked why this was he replied, "I meant harder to find someone who'll do it for the pay. Computer people want more money." This is also why I think they dropped the hobby parts. They weren't willing to pay for the expertise the job would have required.

Comment Re:The Mosque (Score -1, Flamebait) 384

I'm tired of hearing this argument. Because, you know why...Back in the 1960's there were Catholic churches in the south which were doing the same thing. Telling their followers segregation was God's will, planting bombs, killing children. Yet during that whole time no one held the other Catholic churches or even the Vatican accountable. So explain to me why Islamic culture should be held to a higher standard?

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