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Comment Interesting side story... (Score 1) 274

When the TV show 'Mad Men' was all the rage they interviewed real ad men from that era. He stated, yes there was a lot of smoking back the. But the cigarette company's parties were particularly interesting.

The CEO husbands would have have cigars. The wives were the ones with the cigarettes...and they were never lit.

Comment Tit for Tat (Score 0) 66

"The coalition also states that sending millions of takedown notices "is not a viable long-term solution, given the current and future scale of infringement Sending large numbers of takedown notices on an ongoing basis will prove highly disruptive to the research community."

But as an individual if my research is stolen it's okay if I have to do it?

You're in a lab...grow a pair.

Comment Re:Sofa King Stupid (Score 2) 163

I always found it interesting how 2 out of 3 times I updated my OS was for one reason...the Podcast App suddenly decided to either not work properly or was drawing a LOT more battery power than it previously had. Others noticed the same issue and how it miraculously was fixed after updating to the latest OS.

Comment Dear Store Manager: (Score 2) 137

"...a former store manager wrote that "the iPod hardware they used as on the floor scanners for employees died quickly and there was no way of swapping in new batteries"

And how many employees were reprimanded for not plugging them in to recharge? A similar situation happened at a store close to me. A friend said the morning/afternoon shifts would screw around and not recharge devices. Leaving the night crew having to wait their turn for the only remaining device working. Why was this happening?....

1) No one plugged it in to recharge.
2) The recharge cord wasn't plugged in because the employee removed it so they could recharge their own phone. (Hey, Pokemon Go takes up a lot of juice during an eight hour shift. And no, I'm not kidding. This was actually being done by the same employees who were also [see #1 & #3].
3) When they were fully charged the powerstrip would be turned off. And then forgotten to be turned on again. In order to save energy. "Also turn the lights off when you leave the room." Even though people are in and out all day. And it take more power to turn it on/off 30x then it would use if you just left it on.

Also you notice managers won't lose their iPhones.You know, the ones they probably use for Pokemon Go. ;)

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