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Comment Time for a different business model (Score 2, Interesting) 176

I'm firmly in camp ebook. Let's disclose that up front.

Book stores should charge cover. The experience of browsing in a book store is much better than browsing Amazon's web site. The tablet kindle store is better but it still doesn't compare to browsing on a shelf, reading a page on a whim. So when it's time to find something new to read, I'll go spend an hour in Barnes & Noble and make a list of a dozen books. I'll probably buy a coffee while there, but otherwise B&N is making nothing off me.

That's not fair to them, but that is how their business is structured. I fear bookstores collapsing. I preferred Borders and was disappointed when it went under. Don't want that to happen to B&N. But what answer is there? There are only a handful of reference-type paper books I would buy. Might get a calendar once a year. Couple presents. But Amazon gets most of my book dollars. That's just sad reality.

So, I say, charge me cover. Heck, charge everybody cover. $2 to come in. If you buy a book, offer a $2 discount. The bookstore is suddenly less disadvantaged then previously. If you are a paper book buyer, you're not disadvantaged. If you really are a paper book buyer and are simply browsing, suddenly, you're the party suffering. But you're incidental to this- if bookstores are in trouble, you're going to lose them eventually. So you have the heavy burden of paying a couple dollars, or you can browse at a library instead.

The small bookstores TFA discusses aren't necessarily the same as B&N - but that's the problem. They have even less to offer. Stocking Kindles may not be the answer, but they're getting squeezed by both Amazon and B&N. They need to find a niche compatible with their clients to survive.

Comment Re:The best way to make cycling safer (Score 1) 947


I further argue with the basic right of bicyclists to use the road. A bicycle isn't high-speed like a car, and they aren't a pedestrian. They're dangerous to both. Therefore they really don't belong on roads or sidewalks. Where bicycles fit in is with the same class as Equestrians. Horses don't go trotting down the road, and neither should bikes.

Comment Comments are hard to read (Score 5, Insightful) 1191

They're not indented very far and that makes working out a comment's descendants take some work. Most of the value of slashdot compard to any other aggregation site is the discussion so I'm leary of any change which would lessen this sites commenting.

Now, just about any OTHER site in the world taking comments is a different story!

Comment Re:Woohoo! (Score 3, Interesting) 130

Speaking as a Diabetic- yes I do.

I wear an infusion pump already. And a continuous monitor. They're plastic screens and buttons I clip to my belt. They have to be easily accessible because there is so much variance day-to-day.

Having everything talk via ANT or BT or something. Having one controller for it all. It'd be wonderful. I think your point is that it's too dangerous to put all that burden on a single piece of commodity hardware. And that's a valid point, in theory. But in reality, if I can replace the pump UI and CGM UI with a phone **that I'm already carrying** I end up with a whole lot fewer widgets to keep track of. Also, by virtue of commoditization, I could replace the software stack infinitely easier than a purpose-built controller, Dangerous? Sure. But understand the position we're in now:

  1. Taking too much insulin is deadly.
  2. It's easy to take too much insulin.
  3. Since 2009, pumps and CGMs have been available in much of the world which automatically stop delivering insulin when your blood sugar is low.
  4. The FDA has not allowed this technology in the United States.

I don't care if it's dangerous or voids the warranty or puts the FDA boogey-man on me. If a development like this occurs in the future and the FDA impedes it, I would like the opportunity to get it. Running on an open stack, even a quasi-open stack, is the only viable way for that to happen. And for today, smartphones are the best way to make that happen.

Comment DDNS (Score 1) 458

The SSID is the DDNS host that resolves back to its own IP. It's prefaced by the operating frequency, so

2.4 dot blah dot dyndns dot com - WPA
5.0 dot blah dot dyndns dot com - WPA
guest dot blah dot dyndns dot com - VLANed off with an English-language passphrase

Comment Hasn't this ship sailed? (Score 3, Interesting) 778

I'm a web developer and have taken JS & CSS for common for years and years now. Spent about 6y working at a small local web design shop and it just wasn't feasible to double contract amounts to make sites work without JS.

That said, there's no reason to require JS if it can be done without. Lots of page book-keeping, like menus, active page indicators, etc, can be done with CSS. Some stuff, like Amazon's polygonal focus on subnav can degrade nicely. Fantastic. But I'm not going to build an Ajax-y interface AND a static HTML interface (for free) to coddle people with nothing more than a distrust of JavaScript.

Comment Browser requirements to apply count too (Score 1) 374

If an employer required me to use IE to apply, I'd think long and hard whether it's really worthwhile. My current employer has adopted a new HR system which will soon require a Java applet to apply and if I wasn't already employed that might be enough to dissuade me. (Already working here, I know Java is non-existent internally, but as a new applicant, I'd assume it was a Java shop).

Comment Re:F-35 Just a jobs program... (Score 1) 497

>> while Congress tries to cut every social program, including the FDA, because the country is broke.
Speaking as a person with health problems, PLEASE. The FDA is a disaster. Taking the FDA's budget and burning that money would be less counter productive than the FDA's continued existence. So yes, PLEASE, defund, shutter and otherwise end the FDA.

>> and not a cent for caring for the citizens of this nation, nor our own infrastructure.
And let's keep it that way. "Caring" for me is making my life harder.

Of course this whole comment is off topic. But it's silly to think it's automatically better to spend that $$$ anywhere else.

Comment Large Libertarian Contingent (Score 2) 761

Think software has a larger block of Libertarians than most other office workers. /. had a poll last week showing Dems and Libertarians in a neck-and-neck race for the biggest political block. Libertarians and Unions don't line up terribly neatly. That's going to be a quick roadblock to any attempt to unionize.

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