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Comment Re:Still a DRM-laden GPL-violating piece of crap (Score 1) 265

WebKit is open source. You can get the code if you want - for free, in the same spirit as it was licensed to them via KHTML. Ue Subversion to grab it:

Now, App Store DRM is another kettle of fish, but to rant about WebKit being supposedly closed betrays a lack of understanding.


Submission + - MS hiring to 'win the hearts and minds' of webdevs

neongrau writes: On the german version of the monster job portal site, Microsoft is hiring people to work as a "Web/Live Evangelist". In case you wonder what the job of an evangelist for Microsoft is, these quotes pretty much sum it up:

"...As a WLE, you are Microsoft's representative to the web designer community helping to win the hearts and minds regarding the Microsoft platform..."
"...must also be able to engage in technical dialog with more traditional "development" organizations such as software companies and IT departments, where the art and business of "design" is less understood and developed...".

So beware, you'll have to religiously believe that on any other platform than the Microsoft platform developers understand less about software design! Sounds pretty arrogant, doesn't it? But hey, at least you will get paid for such arrogance!

Submission + - Woman dies attempting to win a Wii

no reason to be here writes: " is currently running an article about a woman who died after participating in a radio station's "Hold your wee for a Wii" contest. Contestants in the contest were given bottles of water to drink every fifteen minutes, with the person who went the longest without going to the bathroom winning a Wii console. The coroner's office suspects that the most likely cause of death is water intoxication."

Submission + - Sundance movies to be available on iTunes Store

BeerCat writes: "The BBC is reporting that "The Sundance Film Festival has struck a deal with Apple to allow festival films to be sold through its iTunes store" The film festival, starting 18 January, will allow several (currently 33) of the 71 short films to be made available on the (US) iTunes Store, for the price currently being charged for TV shows and short films ($1.99). This will be in addition to them being available on the Sundance site for streaming. However, it is not intended to allow any of the feature films to be sold this way, as, according to John Cooper of the Sundance Institute, "What Sundance is really known for is as a platform for people to sell their films, and that's mainly the feature film. We didn't want to really interfere with that yet."

Wonder if Apple will make the films available on other iTunes Stores sites other than the US one."

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