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Comment Re: Well... (Score 1) 144

God, you mention a possible solution to corruption and people start complaining "but there are so many variables!" Yes, yes there are. Politics is complicated.

If we're going to block every idea because it's not simple enough, we're simply going to be paralyzed, and I'm not a fan of that course of action.

Comment Re: Klipsch Rugged earphones FTW (Score 1) 262

That's why I love in-ear monitors, they're the best of both worlds (especially Ultimate Ears with Comply foam tips). Great isolation and very, very good quality (better than you can get with earbuds).

(I understand that they may hurt some peoples' ears; that's unfortunate, but they work for me. I'm not affiliated with UE, Logitech, or Comply.)

Comment Re:Good for the EU. (Score 1) 1160

Deterrence is not proven.

My point exactly. Most evidence I've seen suggests otherwise, that countries which don't have a death penalty typically have a lower murder rate per capita.

Imagine if the US holds strong and executes the 3 or 4 people it does each year anyway. Then the EU makes good on its threats. Then the millions who need life saving surgery every year can't get the anesthetics they need. Then hundreds of thousands or millions of innocents die to save 3 or 4 murderers.

You mean "to execute 3 or 4 murderers", which is ridiculous and savage.

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