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Comment Re:Did they try... (Score 3, Informative) 262

Even a brand new IT graduates knows computers should be plugged into UPS devices that protect against this.

And you'd be surprised how many shops think this knowledge is someone else's problem and subsequently don't add it to any server installation docs, then look for a scapegoat when systems go tits-up like this.

Comment Re:A good number of people don't need good laptops (Score 1) 102

I guess it depends on the user. I have two Silvermont Atom laptops that I use regularly and they work just fine, with benchmarks around the Core2duo area. For coding, virtualization and even some gaming (nothing super-3D-intensive but that isn't why I bought them) they meet my needs with no problem and have batteries that last several hours easily.

Granted they're both Linux boxes and run lighter-weight desktop environments, not a bad niche.

Submission + - Prenda Law attorney disbarred (

lactose99 writes: One of the original copyright trolls finally got their comeuppance. From TFA: "John L. Steele, a Chicago lawyer who pled guilty to perjury, fraud and money laundering resulting from alleged "honeypot" schemes, has just been disbarred by an Illinois court." John L. Steele, as you may know, is one of the principals of Prenda Law, a notorious copyright troll who has been featured on /. several times. The article goes on to describe how the Prenda lawyers used honeypot-like tactics to trick people into downloads and then subsequently scammed them for copyright violations.

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