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Comment Re:Auto update? (Score -1, Troll) 133

1. Auto update nags the user, user upgrades because that's what users do

And this is why I switched away from an iPhone.

Nagging every single day to upgrade with no way to stop it. For my wife, by the time she would allow the thing to update because she didn't actually need her phone for a bit ... it was time for a new update so a few days later, another fucking nag screen.

I'm not beta testing your software Apple. I was fine with it before Jobs died, but quality control is second priority at best now so I can't trust your shit to not break in some utterly stupid way that fucks me over, so I can't/won't upgrade until other people do and I know its safe, and then I'm in the same boat, oh look, new update!

I update my device when I have a reason to, not just because some hipster dipshit 20 year old dev who has NEVER had a real job in his life things its perfectly acceptable to update software every fucking day. I'm also an old software dev who isn't stupid enough to think Agile is a good thing.

Comment Re:That's not what the signature is for (Score -1) 344

Mind you, it's still kinda stupid because if someone is planning on disputing a charge they can just fuck up their signature at time of transaction BUT it's worth the clarification.

No, they can't dispute it, thats the thing.

While I'm not disagreeing with you, its for audit verification not fraud prevention. Its so when they drag you to court, you have to lie to say you didn't sign it.

Then they drag in a hand writing expert that immediately points out 15 patterns you do in your normal daily writing that you also did in your 'messed up signature' and the judge throws you in jail for the crime and perjury. It doesn't tell you who signed it if you have no idea, but it can certainly be used in almost every case to verify that someone did sign something if you have a suspect.

Its not much different than finger prints. Everyone is unique and you really have a hard time hiding it without training.

Comment Re:Terrible headline (Score -1) 162

Dear Slashdot Editors,

Fuck you you lying sacks of shit.

Seriously, Fuck you. Letting this kind of bullshit to be posted to slashdot utterly destroys any remaining usefulness of this site. You have completely destroyed the site and by consequence any hope you had of profitability long term for it.

I can not say this enough, Fuck you, you greedy ignorant selfish fucks who have no problem posting click-bait headlines. You're flat out lying in headlines now.

Comment Re: That gender fluid main character... (Score -1) 390

You aren't autistic, thats the first problem you have. Your problem is you want to be a victim and have excuses. Autism diagnosis became a dime a dozen a few years back, now half the fucking country says 'I have autism' when in reality, you have no such thing you're just looking for excuses to be a douche.

If you go to a shrink and say 'I think I have autism' you'll walk out with a diagnosis, same about your kids.

Trendy != reality

Comment Re: That gender fluid main character... (Score -1) 390


StarTrek here is playing to trendiness of the fact that right now its all the rage to be fake as fuck and pretend you care about the transgender population.

Why the fuck do you people think mutilation of your genitals is okay and healthy, but someone who cuts their arm needs help? Never in the history of man has a transgender person been shown to be clinically healthier after doing so. In fact ever bit of actual science involving the issue shows that promoting the idea that you can just go be the other sex is unhealthy to those who have those issues.

In short, you won't see this shit in the future because we won't be playing the trendy card, we'll have actually address the underlying issues that make them think they want to be something else in the first fucking place.

We'll treat the problem and stop pretending to treat the symptom.

And sorry BarbaraHudson (little t in LGBTt(insert ever other group that suddenly wants to ride this train as they crawl out of the woodwork and make up new letters), this applies to doubly so.

Comment So? (Score -1) 406

There are plenty of places with bad water, but those countries aren't paying nestle billions for bottled water.

There are VERY FEW places where nestle makes money that ALSO have shitty water. The entire country isn't made up of individual Flint, Michigans, contrary to the fear mongering.

Nestle makes millions of dollars of bottle water because people are too fucking stupid to realize that their tap water is for all practical purposes just as good if not better than whats in the bottle.

The bottled water is for ignorant trendy assholes, not actual people who need clean water.

I lived in Orange Spring Fl. Home of Deer Park spring water. I know the spring very well, swam in it when I was just a little kid before they owned it. An advertising campaign convinced all the teenagers that their tap water was bad and to buy bottled water ... that came from the EXACT SAME SOURCE AS THE BOTTLED WATER.

Comment Re:They want the AT&T of a different era (Score -1) 103

The reason AT&T didn't outsource those jobs before is because outsourcing them wasn't technically feasible.

The world is different now, we have companies ... like AT&T ... that provide GLOBAL communication. They don't NEED people in the US anymore.

This would have happened before your 10th birthday as well, if it were feasible. It wasn't then. It is now.

Comment They can, have and will continue to do so (Score -1, Troll) 165

No one in their right mind considers cryptocoin crap an investment. Its a crap shoot. The fact that this idiot still doesn't understand speculative markets doesn't doesn't mean central banks will suddenly have to care about crypto-crap. Central banks invest in businesses in Vegas, but they sure as fuck don't gamble their money in a casino cause they understand whats going on and what a fad bubble is.

Central banks didn't invest in petunias either. If you don't understand that reference you have no right to be in this particular conversation.

P.S. Just because you bought a bunch of bitcoin doesn't suddenly make it not a fad.

Comment Re:Ok... and? (Score -1) 330

The key to take away, the part that actually matters to anyone of any importance ... AFP (network file sharing protocol) is not supported when working with APFS Volumes. SMB is the replacement.

Comment I mind if its a Duracell (Score -1) 110

who really minds whether it's a Duracell or a Panasonic battery?

ME, absolutely. They can roll off the same production line, but a Duracell will out perform a Panasonic Alkaline every time. Same true for every other battery actually. This is one place where you can most certainly tail the difference between brands by performance.

You're pretty stupid if you don't understand that even cheap commodity production line items can still be produced with differing levels of quality

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