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Comment Re:Whole New Vistas for Zeno's Paradoxes (Score 1) 326

No, you'd just use locks everywhere. With infinite speed, the overhead caused by locking before every action wouldn't matter.

Yes, but if speed is infinite, then results are produced instantaneously, regardless of their complexity; the computer performs any given task in zero time. If the computer exists as a physical entity that performs some kind of action to achieve its result (e.g. shunting electrons down pathways etched in silicon, actuating relays, modulating-the-shield-harmonics-spooky-motion etc,) then in order for it to work, that action needs to happen in zero time, as well. The concept of sequential physical actions in zero time is the hangup, here--hence the issue of the race condition. For an infinitely fast computer to exist, you need to be able to cause a physical sequence of events to occur in literally zero time.

Every single lock request you make happens at exactly the same time, which is also the exact same time at which everything else in your program is occurring. Regardless of where it is in your code, it's all happening at the exact same time in the computer itself by definition.

Comment So painfully obvious (Score 4, Funny) 326

The language for an infinitely fast computer is called DUH.

There are no keywords, operators, or logic structures; the entirety of the language is you typing "DUH" into the command line, then hitting ENTER.

Upon pressing ENTER, you are presented with every possible program that could ever exist. All you need to do is select the one you want.

Comment Depends if they are supposed to be working. (Score 1) 405

Im brushing up on my 6502 over my lunchbreaks, maybe working up to a c64 game or demo, but i dont do that during any other part of day. Given I work in games , i recognise theyd have first dibs on anything valuable. in reality I have a long way to go before that would likely happen .

If an employee is working on a non-approved side project while they should be doing more boring work thats not cool. I would say if you have downtime at work check with your employer first and find out how they would feel about you making better use of it. Nowt wrong with asking ?

Comment Can we stop? (Score 1) 347

There is not a single person, anywhere, who actually expected him to even begin to deliver on this promise. He says whatever the hell he feels like saying in the moment and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually doing the work of running a country--then or now.

Please stop pretending otherwise. Things are bad enough without this layer of affectation.

Comment Re:Security, NO? (Score 1) 199

And you trust that Apple appointed "Secure Enclave" to actually be secure? What if you actually want to install a 3rd party home button because you trust them more? Imagine if all your apple computers required an apple keyboard because "security and key loggers". Imagine if the home button factory is under state control and it isn't just secure, it's "homeland security" secure.

...happily, this argument is moot; if you don't trust Apple's Secure Enclave, you don't trust any other part of the device, either, and you therefore do not own one in the first place.

Comment Failure to produce good content and good hardware (Score 1) 435

Avatar was the gold standard and nothing has surpassed it since , although I was also impressed by Life of Pi.
3rd rate post processed catch-penny type films make up the bulk of whats out there - the most abhorrent i have ever seen was Tim Burtons "Alice in Wonderland" how that left the cutting room floor is a mystery to me.

Joe six-pack see's the 3rd rate movies and assumes that this is as good as it gets.

3D Blu Ray is the only way to watch theses movies too - knock-off "Rips" from TPB are fine for 2D movies
but somehow a lot is lost in any subsequent transcodings. I've not found any sources for high quality 3D streams (reccommend one to me?)

To sum up .
1) Very few examples of 3D movies actually filmed in 3D and produced by someone who has taken the time to make best use of the medium.
2) Too many examples of poor content with lame storylines filmed in 2D and post processed to 3D. These films are better seen in 2D (if at all)
3) TV Manufacturers, like the bad 3D movies tried to jump on the bandwagon and hence there are a lot of shitty 3D TV's out there.

It still costs too much money to create and enjoy 3D movies the way they were intended.

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