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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 627

  1. Returning to the gold standard would devastate our economy.
  2. Dismantling the Fed would leave us unable to intervene to prevent economic catastrophe or overheating.
  3. Ending fractional reserve banking would threaten the solvency of our banking system.
  4. The Austrian School of economics has been picked clean of any useful, empirically sound ideas, and the carcass that was left behind has been completely discredited by all accepted theories and by events that have occurred that fly in the face of it.

Mitt Romney is not insane. Barack Obama is not insane. Gary Johnson is not insane. I'm unsure about Jill Stein. I vehemently disagree with Rick Santorum, but he is not insane. I agree with several of Ron Paul's ideas, but he is insane. I'm not just being partisan, a large portion of Ron Paul's ideas are not the product of rational thought.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 87

He's not OCD. Someone with OCD would not have done a shitty job of cloning the two sides. (Look at the thickness of the bottom of the racks, or do what I did, and open two copies of the jpg, flip one horizontally, and flip back and forth between the images.)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 627

Because he thinks getting rid of the Federal Reserve is a good idea. Because he thinks going back onto the gold standard would be anything but catastrophic. Because he does not realize that the Austrian school of economics has been soundly dis-proven. I like Ron Paul; he's honest, he's well spoken, and I know that if he says something, he really believes it is true. He is without a doubt a great guy, and a great American, but his ideas are just not workable.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1, Troll) 627

In a voting system where the second place and third place get a voice, Ron Paul would get a lot more votes. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for nobody. In a parliamentary system, Ron Paul's followers would have a real reason to vote for him. In first past the post, there is no such incentive. Also, Ron Paul is insane.

Comment Re:Computers are Dead (Score 1) 184

Everywhere I have worked has name brand computers. It's just generally not worth building from scratch, and most companies who don't do tech as their core business want to treat computer issues as NMFP. Even my home PC is an HP, though I will admit I regretted the purchase. "Name brand" computers are cheap. Nearly top of the line can be had, on sale, for just a few hundred dollars.

Comment Re:Still too many (Score 1) 184

Three is way too few. They need Corporate high volume, corporate medium volume, and corporate low volume. (High and medium being multi-function copy machines, low being a beefy printer). These should all be laser. Then they have various graphic-design oriented printers, from high volume to low volume, with variations in paper sizes. Lets say high, medium, and low volume, with "low volume" overlapping with high end consumer. Drafting/plotting printers for blueprints and such. Then maybe 7 consumer printers. That's 13 right there, disregarding color/monochrome, and injet, bubblejet, and whatever the hell else exists (I rarely print at home, so I only know what we have at work). (My math doesn't add up because of the overlap I noted). So far fewer, but definitely more than 3.

Comment Re:Better Android (Score 1) 111

Read the parent post more carefully. "Stupid people buy iPhones" does not say "Smart people don't buy iPhones."

I also should have noticed someone clarified my post for me before doing it myself. This is exactly what I meant. The group of people buying iPhones is far more diverse than the group of people flashing CM.

Comment Re:Better Android (Score 1) 111

I should have stated this better. Buying an iPhone doesn't make you stupid, but stupid people do buy them. Stupid people don't tend to know about or try to install CM. I know plenty of intelligent people who buy iPhones. iPhones appeal to a large demographic, from the less than average to the above average. CyanogenMod does not.

Comment Re:Better Android (Score 1, Insightful) 111

You can easily screw up your device trying to get CM on it, and on some devices will lose functionality. CM is not for the a lot of people that Android is very popular among (People who pic their phone based on which one looks nicest and is free with an x-year contract). Your auto-mechanic does not need to be getting CM 9 nightlies pushed to his phone.

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