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Comment WTF! (Score 1) 281

"That's not to say that commercial software isn't without risks, but any flaws on commercial applications tend to get patched a lot faster than on open source, as the vendors producing the software have a lot more to lose than an open source programmer," said Fortify vice president, Richard Kirk.


WTF!?!? What a feckin' loser!

Comment Tough! (Score 1) 653

I can live with limited content. FF goes on, closely followed by FlashBlock and ABPlus. I have a handful of sites I trust. The rest? Tough luck!

When I want one of your stupid products I will come looking for you. I am not going to buy some shite, overpriced product just because I saw a stupid little advert pop-up!

Please if you are in marketing, just do humanity a favour and FOAD!

Comment Damn right! Good on them.... (Score 1) 133

Film carry certs to try to protect kids, why shouldn't games? Well there's the rub, you see the very word games I'm afraid is the problem.

Soccer Mommy down the local games store, Johnny wants "Shitfaced-Psycho Killer IV" game and mommy knows it's only a computer game so what's the harm? Average Joe thinks games are for kids, they are not. Entertainment comes in many levels, including kiddies, average Wii and DS game and psycho 18/Mature rated, see GTA, Fallout 3, Manhunt, etc.

You want to make a difference? Employ more people like I met in local game store about 6 months ago, when I went to buy a second hand copy of Quake IV. "You know this game is rated 18. Do you have any proof of age, driving license or name and address on a utility bill?". Very well done son. However I am 38 years old and due to fun career in IT support, I look about 5 years older than that!

Comment Re:What should Microsoft do? (Score 1) 898

Like you pointed out, all very shiny but not much else. Rather ironic that MS products are a reflection of today's facile society, all gloss and nothing to show. As my old, late dear Grandma would say, "All mouth and no trousers!".

They need to give limited shiny stuff, works for OSX and Gnome, get back to making sure the engine actually works correctly. Work on a usuable UAC system, take a good long look at what is allowing the nasties to get in so easily. If it means cutting out the compatibility to DOS/Win98, then so be it. Sell limited cheap licenses for old XP/2K, fix fatal flaws only, if people want to stay on the old.

Start supporting today's sh*t-hot hardware, get the 64bit version up to spec, a lot of gamers out there with money to burn! No more 64bit as an afterthought. Yes I know most people are on 32bit, but for every 3 year old 32 bit system, there are an equal number of 64bit gamer systems being replaced every year.

What about a PAYG system? You get core system for nominal fee but it's yours. You want shiny extras, you download and rent them on a monthly basis. You want extra cores enabled? You pay rental on the extensions. Still works in the mainframe market and mini markets. PAYG you get clean simple builds without crap and if you want shiny crap you pay extra for it, MS still gets revenue. Although most people wouldn't use IE for free, let alone rent it!

Submission + - Court rules in favour of MPAA against TorrenstSpy (bbc.co.uk)

Fuzzypig writes: "The BBC is reporting that the case brought against TorrentSpy by the MPAA has ruled in favour of the MPAA. "A judge made a default ruling in favour of the MPAA after she said the site's operators had tampered with evidence. The judge then asked for information from the Ram in their computers but the defendants failed in their attempt to argue the data was temporary and therefore could not be retained. The defendants' conduct was "obstreperous," Judge Florence-Marie Cooper wrote in her decision. "They have engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence and have provided false testimony under oath in a effort to hide evidence of such destruction. " ""

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