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Comment Re:The professor Gates case??? (Score 1) 746

I agree, and I'm surprised that discussing that laws can be enforced without being constitutional can be off topic here. Oh well.

My big concern is more the simplicity with which activities like Jury Duty (or apparently, moderation) can be done without concern for the results of those issues.

Comment Re:Perhaps not an AK47 (Score 1) 746

So you're saying that since it was a freakin' huge gun it's much more dangerous than a much normal-sized gun? In what sense does the size of a gun reflect on the intent of the owner? Your excuse for making a legal act legal because of outward appearances makes me wonder if you're okay with police stopping a black guy since he doesn't look 'right for the neighborhood?' It's the same basic concept, just taken to a politically incorrect extreme.

Comment Re:The professor Gates case??? (Score 0, Offtopic) 746

Shouting and being a dick in public can be illegal enough to get arrested, if you go too far. You can argue if it's constitutional as a freedom of speech, but in our legal system that's usually left up to the courts to decide. I'm not saying it's right, just saying that you can be arrested with little to no recourse for your time and troubles for doing so.

Comment Re:Hmm, tip line? Vigilante? or just more info? (Score 4, Insightful) 139

The example in the article is even misleading, since it was a Facebook account that was hacked, who knows if the hackers ever touched the system of the user. He may have just used the same password too many places. I'd assume Facebook isn't using Norton Internet Security, so I'm kind of wondering what cases this will really make a difference in. Most worms/viruses even don't come from the creator's PC, but infected zombies.

Comment Re:Looking forward... (Score 1) 213

Oddly one of the biggest techo-social changes in the twelve short years between Terminator 2 (1991) and Terminator 3 (2003) allowed for them to change the concept of SkyNet from a mainframe/military solution to a computer virus that was able to spread across the world, and presumably use distributed computing to destroy the earth, even through a large scale nuclear exchange.

As far as science fiction writing goes, there have been few time periods where that level of consciousness of technology was raised to a mass-market pop-culture type of plot point. During the space race was the last time it seems there was such a jump in science fiction writing involving technology meant to be understood by even the less tech-savvy population.

Comment Re:Looking forward... (Score 1) 213

I have to wonder in 40 more years how relevant DNS will be. I know that a lot of people type domain names into Google rather than just going to them directly, so maybe that's a trend for the future. Use a search engine, who cares what the domain name is?

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