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Comment Re:CEOs are overrated (Score 1) 692

Reason # 1 to not use stock apple earbuds : They make it look like you have an Ipod in your pocket.
Reason # 2 to not use stock apple earbuds : They sound like complete crap.

Yeah yeah I know we're talking about mp3's and that the iPod audio out isn't the highest quality sound wise. But I swear by old school, black, Walkman style headphones, they look non iPod like, and sound great. A decent pair of Sony's set you back $45, and last forever.

(FWIW, the headphones that came with the first couple of original Walkmans sounded like crap too..... )

Comment I'd like to buy it today (Score 1) 447

I really would. Last night's episode. I just checked iTunes. It's not there.

Hello!!!! ?? HBO???? I'm willing to give you a couple of bucks... even to 'rent' a stream for a day. I'd very much like to watch your show, without subscribing to your channel.

Get it? I have money. I want to spend it, by giving it to you to watch your show. But you don't give me the option to do so. You lose. And because I can't do it now, and be able to talk to other viewers about the premere this week, I'm resentful and will be less likely to buy your DVD when it does come out next year. Why should i buy it then? Season 3 will be old news at that time....

Comment Re:Err ... (Score 1) 230

People like to joke about the video game like nature of their mission - one can understand this thinking to a point.

On the ground combat it isn't - no one disputes that.

The drone pilots know they are killing people, and they get stressed over it like any one else would. They have to make operational decisions, and again - they know that they are ending lives. The distance matters not.

Yeah, they deserve medals for their particular skill-set.

Comment Re:Really odd this is from Iceland (Score 1) 684

Maybe what they are really afraid of is declining birth rates.

With more guys satisfying themselves with porn, there's less chance of pregnancy.

Not that I agree with a ban, at all. I'm simply pointing out reasoning that might not have made it to the public statements. We've heard arguments like this about pron before.

BTW, whatever happened to autopr0n? He used to have nice little site there.

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