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Comment Re:That's just part of the concern.. (Score 1) 285

Well apparently not, and not for lack of trying. But why would you think cross-breeding is preferable? It would be a shotgun approach, since you could get the resistance as well as another set of undesired side-effects.

Besides, it's two viruses (CMV and TSWV) which are currently threatening that tomato. For the first we have the other variety. For the other we managed to identify a few genes that could give resistance. Would that be okay?

Comment Re:That's just part of the concern.. (Score 1) 285

Not necessarily. Take the "San Marzano" tomato: the common and most appreciated variety is currently threatened by a virus. There's another one, of the same type, that has the resistance, but it is not as.. delicious. We could just carry the gene of the resistance across and eat your cake too, but nooooo! It would be playing God! Billions would die! Kittens would cry!

I understand there are risks in some of the GM techniques, but such a wide and blanket prohibition makes no sense.

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