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Comment Re:Nothing says demand like not buying new phones (Score 1) 114

That's nothing, you should see the pent-up demand for buggy whips!!! That market has about 100 years of "delayed" sales, it's gonna be yuuuuuuuuuge!!! Hell, joking aside I'm going to use a variant of that in my slide decks: "This isn't a drop in sales, it's pent up demand!"

Comment Re:Self defeating (Score 1) 338

Don't be so pessimistic! Once the AI figures out 98% of us are consuming system resources in a pseudo-zombie state, it'll code up the equivalent of a unix "kill" program to "release" those resources back to the system. I saw a documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger that covered this topic a while back.

Comment Re:Agile is your friend (Score 1) 165

Agile is definitely not my friend. It's an veiled excuse for stakeholders to avoid making up their minds from the get go and having engineering pay the price for it. Figure out what you want, write it all down, and we'll give you WIP demos as we go along, if you agree to not say a word. You've changed your mind, that's great, write it up for v1.x. Agile correctly assumes that stakeholders don't know what they want, and as a result it's a playbook for missed deadlines, bloated features, and cost overruns. There are good bits to Agile, morning stand-ups (face-to-face), emphasis on simplicity, and defined blocks of work (personal responsibility), but the rest is Kool Aid, and not the good kind, like the peach-mango Kool Aid kind.

Comment Re:*Up to* mumble-mumble bps (Score 1) 142

I'm surprised Comcast hasn't done this already. Anyhow, in Canada that seems to be more and more the norm. I know Bell, Rogers and Videotron all offer home and mobile bundles. Hell, now I'm even more surprised it hasn't happened here. I was thinking about AT&T + DirectTV but even they don't seem to offer a bundle that includes cellular. Antitrust concerns maybe?

Comment Re:This is insane behavior. (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Tim Cook is one hell of a COO, the guy knows how to get hardware made. The problem is he's not a product CEO like SJ was. I feel Tim should move back to COO and bring in a product guy like Tony Fadell or Scott Forstall to run the show. The recent defections are likely a sign that things aren't good internally at Apple.

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