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Comment Re:Tax companies that sell computer software, too? (Score 2) 392

I'll bite, there's a chicken and egg problem here. If you can only afford to feed and shelter yourself, where are the savings to buy a robot and ramp up a business going to come from? Everything is easier (although no business is easy) if you when have access to capital, either through inheritance or a job that pays above and beyond a living wage and allows you to save or service debt. To press the point further, nobody just "goes into business for themselves" anymore, it's not that simple. You need liability insurance, accountants, legal advice, marketing, and (again) access to working capital. Even if you have all that, 9 out of 10 businesses fail, landing you right back to square one, but with depleted savings and probably a newly formed unpaid debt.

Comment Re:Time to read Asimov's Caves of Steel again... (Score 2) 39

The guy was a biochemistry PhD, but the "twist the genetics" bit is pretty impressive concept considering it was written in the 50s. Book aside, it's pretty impressive what's going on in genomic research lately. The only question is that if unexpected behavior in human engineered code causes a bad time for a computer system, does unexpected behavior in a human engineered organism stay local or will it impact the larger environmental "runtime".

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