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Comment Re:Good choice (Score 1) 523

Voting for Stein won't get you any power. Her numbers are too small. If she gets 4% (which would be amazing) it won't influence anyone or get reported.

Voting for the pot-head-know-nothing (true or not) Johnson will accumulate some numbers in that bucket, and 6% or 7% of electorate voting for him will get him in the news, and perhaps get his successor on a debate stage.

I'd personally rather we had a decent Green candidate to vote for, but we don't. And even if we did, right now voting Johnson would be the better strategic move. Giving a third party more power will also help a fourth.

Comment No, she's not fine (Score 5, Insightful) 523

Really, she's not. And it's not because of all the trumped up crimes/lies/etc. They really don't matter.

She's not fine because she's a warmonger and in the pocket of the financial industry. So in four, or ugh, EIGHT years we will emerge deeper in debt, more hated, and less financially secure. The 1% will make out like bandits under her and the economy will flounder even more, since no one but the ultra-rich have the money to spend on anything to keep the economy working. (She's the only major candidate, for example, who supports H-1Bs.)

There are three kinds of states: Ones where Hillary will stomp Trump, ones which will vote him in just because he has an R next to his name no matter what, and ones where there's actually some sort of contest. If you're in either of the first two types of states, you need to vote for Johnson because your vote doesn't count unless you do, and it counts big time if you do.

If you're a Republican, you need to send a message to your party that letting this kind of crap happen is unacceptable. You WILL leave if they pitch for racism and stupidity.

If you're a Democrat, you need a to send a message to your party that you don't want a another Nixon-Republican pretending to be a Democrat. We've had one for eight years already. If they don't give you someone worth voting for, you WILL leave. (They currently think all the Bernie people will vote Clinton. Show them otherwise.)

You might think you could do the same by voting Green or writing-in a candidate, but that won't get reported because the numbers will be too small. A 10% showing for Johnson will get him on the cover of just about all the remaining print media and scare the CRAP out of both the big parties.

So there are a handful of states where it makes sense to vote for the Rep. or the Dem. But for all the other states, everyone who reads/thinks should vote for Johnson.

It doesn't matter how bad Johnson is. I don't want him as president, but that doesn't matter. He is fit for purpose: to scare the parties into worrying about the electorate, which is something they generally don't give a damn about. If you want an acceptable Republican or Democrat candidate in the next election, you need to vote for Johnson.

Comment Re:Brings a new meaning... (Score 4, Insightful) 220

The right way to think about this is "how much pain will it cause the people connected to you?" You can definitely find a way do yourself in painlessly. That's easy. What's hard is living after a brother, friend, son, etc. has killed himself.

Set aside the bible stuff about people who destroy what god gave them going to hell. That's twaddle.

Killing yourself makes you a prick. Only an inconsiderate, self-centered ass would do that to the people around him.

If you're now disposable, do what you need to do to make your life interesting. Take up sky-diving. Become a commercial diver. Get a job working with explosives. Become a war photographer. As soon as you decide you're disposable, you have the opportunity to do things which are not available to other people because they're frightened. Go do something valuable for yourself or others.

Comment Here's how this will play out (Score 5, Insightful) 220

These are the steps, in order, Microsoft will go through:

Microsoft will work on a self-driving car for a very short time and figure out they cannot do it fast enough to compete.

They'll partner with another company. There will be lots of hoopla, but nothing will come of it, and the partnership will dissolve.

They'll buy a company which is well-respected and doing well/poised to succeed. It will rapidly go down the toilet and they'll sell it.

[ optional step ] They'll come out with their own product too late.

They'll partner with successful companies to get hooks into cars which link to their other products. This will be marginally profitable. They will attempt to use this to gain as much leverage as possible. This may or may not be successful, but will anger people.

Comment Great idea! (Score 1) 181

This is such a great idea. I've always wanted to remove the separation between simple execution scripts and complex code which is difficult to understand. it really bugs me that we have these "standards" which simplify portability and make things clear.

Ideally in a few years, we will have inscrutable, half-assed code all over the execution space. This will give people the opportunity to learn python so they can debug simple execution wrappers. EXCELLENT!

But if it's not ready yet, we don't have to wait for it... we can simply replace all the .sh files on our systems with .pl files. That'll make everyone happen, too, and we can start today!

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