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Comment Re:Not about bitcoin but exchanges... (Score 1) 64

You aren't going to run a business out of a wallet any more than you're going to run one with a pile of money under the mattress in the back room

Why? Especially since exchanges are really just a bunch of wallets? The original value of a bank was that money was safer there then at home. (Yes there was lending as well, but it was mainly safety.) With bitcoin, it is the opposite.

Comment Re:For desktop, OK, but for server this is bad (Score 1) 133

I run Ubuntu or FreeBSD on everything. Ubuntu because it is the only one where you can install it for free and add support later if you want it. This gives clients a level of comfort if I get hit by a bus. :) And FreeBSD because it is rock solid and secure.

As for as what to get, the best resource I have found is here. And David Parkinson is a nice guy!

Comment Re:For desktop, OK, but for server this is bad (Score 1) 133

Everything a Pi will do, including power and connectors, for less money. I have these running Dokuwiki, Icinga, Cacti, Pihole, Syslog... I drop them off with clients all the time. And while 16.04 will be ok for another 3 years, I have systems I have not even looked at for 5 or more!

Comment Re:Amazon is part of it... (Score 1) 133

You get it! Higher price for a worse experience won't cut it.

1. Customer service. Hire people who know more than I do, or hire normal folks and train them on your product lines. Talking to a human is preferable to trying to coax a machine into giving me the answers.

Or at least people who know where the thing you want to buy is! Half of them can't even do that! :)

Comment For desktop, OK, but for server this is bad (Score 2) 133

Many people run Ubuntu Server on embedded devices. And Old Wyse terminal server makes a wonderful Cacti and Icinga box. (No good having monitoring inside a VM when the VM server fails...) Perfect for Pi-Hole. A nice syslog server you can drop at a client when needed. And Ubuntu Server is the only distribution you can install totally for free and then add support a-la-carte later. And yes, I have added an expensive support contract to a $10 used Wyse box for a client.

Comment Not about bitcoin but exchanges... (Score 5, Insightful) 64

"and lodged them in escrow at a company running a cryptocurrency exchange called Moolah"

So they stuck them in a unregulated bank from some guy no one has heard of and the bank was robbed. Blame the currency! If they would have kept them in their own wallet, not some guys basement, they would have been fine.

Comment Re:A buisness case for CEOs (Score 1) 170

You do know what the letters in CEO stand for? Fire the top guy and whoever is next is now the chief executive.

And the entire point of long term stock options was to get companies thinking long term instead of per quarter profits only. If your stock only vest after 5 years, you have to think 5 years. Of course it was rapidly abused... The creative opportunity thinking people that make the best company leaders are good at finding compensation loopholes.

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