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Comment Re:Trello + Jira = Awesome (Score 2) 90

JIRA has a kanban board and it's pretty awesome. It's been a little while since i've used it but I remember the columns had to be defined by issue filters instead of just an arbitrary name like in Trello and having to use filters to define columns was a bit of a PITA. If you take the time to really master JIRA it's an incredible tool where Trello lets you get all the advantages of kanban with the least amount of effort. I suspect you'll be able to create issues in JIRA and have them show up in Trello pretty soon (if not already) long term I see Trello as a stepping stone to JIRA. I describe them to non-technical folks as Trello when you need a good pickup truck and JIRA when you need an 18 wheeler.

Comment A-10 supported indefinately (Score 2) 325

If the B-52 is still in use surely the A-10 can be kept around too. Both planes are very good at what they do and seem to be pretty easy to keep in the air and ready to fight. It's still amazing to me when I go to air shows and there's an old, but upgraded, B-52 sitting there right next to the shiny F-35 and F-22's. I think the B-52 predates color TV.

Comment question about your first internship (Score -1, Redundant) 410

per wikipedia you were given an internship at Cramer, Berkowitz, and Company at the age of 17 in order to receive a high school diploma after dropping out. My assumption is this internship was pretty boring only existing to get credits for graduation. However, it appears this internship is what kick started your career in trading. Did you drop out in order to get the internship as a shortcut to a career on Wall St. knowing a diploma would follow with it?

Comment Salesforce is an Oracle customer (Score 2) 32

Salesforce's backend is Oracle, I wonder how that relationship works out. I bet Salesforce is one of their larger accounts, it must be awkward at times "thanks for all the license fees but, yeah, we're going to compete with you in the CRM and PAAS space". Salesforce is very very wide and deep, they've grown so far beyond where they started, I'd say they're more of an ERM and process automation tool than a sales tool these days.

Comment very simple these days (Score 1) 326

in the late 90s I had very elaborate setups and multiple computers but these days things are much simpler. I have a MBP with a fast external harddrive for timemachine backups, a github and bitbucket account, and about a dozen servers at linode. I guess I should also include by Samsung S5 Active since it has JuiceSSH on it and I use it for taking care of the linodes when I'm out and about without my laptop.

Comment Architects (Score 1) 72

Strange, but in college I hung out with more architecture majors than fellow comp/sci folks (their parties were better). Her work is pretty freaking awesome even if I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand it the way an architect would. ...that's sort of the hallmark of a great architect I suppose.

I worked in a couple architecture firms too while in college, I feel bad for kids coming out of architecture school. They're pretty much taught/told to be the next great architect then get out in the real world are are stuck designing Taco Bells and stuff. In Comp/Sci all you need is a laptop, inet connection, and a compiler to do great things but in Architecture, you have to deal in meatspace.

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