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Comment Re: See slashdot he's not so bad... (Score 1) 187

That is the bit they will use to justify sending him off to the US for execution. They will say that he wasted millions of tax payers money and that is why he is being sent off to face the death sentence. The tabloid newspapers will publish anything you like if the owners agree and the people believe any old shit they are told.

Comment Re:The independent is bollocks (Score 1) 186

The Independent is doing it's job well. I often read two adjacent articles from both sides of the political spectrum which strongly disagree with each other. The fault I am afraid is in your psychology, you are a fanatic - just like ISIS or any other crackpot you cannot allow anyone to have a different viewpoint from you. So make your point that you think this is a trivial item in the manifesto but don't be an idiot and claim that an alternative view is fake news. That just makes you look stupid.

Comment Re:It's a JOB stupid! (Score 1) 186

The last time I looked the Democrats were still some way to the right of the Conservative party (who still say they support single payer healthcare). Bernie Sanders is where our old neo-liberal Labour party used to be under Tony Blair. Trump is a far right demagogue who threatens concentration camps for minorities, unregulated environmental disaster and tax cuts for the super rich.

Comment Re:UK - 1984 - a surveillance state's wet dream. (Score 2) 186

Brexit is all about being fooled by alt-right propaganda about "Muslim pedophiles" "Unelected European bureaucrats making the laws about bendy bananas" "taking back control" "Health service tourism" "Immigrants on benefits". Basically pal you have been taken for a ride by overseas Billionaires like Robert Mercer who see a future for you as their wage slave in a deregulated economy. Push the right buttons and your ignorance and per-disposition to see the worst in people did the rest. Enjoy your slavery you fool.

Comment Re:isn't the internet Gov controlled now? (Score 3, Insightful) 186

Good points. Not only that but the right wing Conservative party have seen an opportunity through the Brexit process for a land grab of unimaginable proportions. The policies they have put in their manifesto will take them forward a quarter of a century on the path to oppression in a single election. This is a disaster of epic proportions because no party once in power has ever stepped away from the levers of power once acquired. So all this shit is here to stay even if they get voted out in the future. Given the strength of the position they are giving themselves on big data I doubt they will leave power for the next quarter century either. This is the biggest political disaster in my lifetime, the end of politics; total corruption.

The UK will indeed be leading the world, leading the world with a right-wing big-government totalitarian hell hole.

Comment Re:0% of victims (Score 0) 123

I run OSX. I don't gloat about it because I know it's not magical. Statistically however, it has been a really long run of safety and it's likely the most sensible choice for the future. It's fair to confidently say that you are far safer using macs now and in the foreseable future. But some of that immunity comes from the fact that it's less big of a target.

Comment monocropping (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Monocropping leads to viruses whether agricultural or operating systems. Not much more to be said than that other than to point out Intels are the ultimate monocrop and they have a gigantic backdoor called the Management Engine.

In the age of global terrorism, one can expect engineered viruses for agriculture and computers to only increase till something we can't get past comes along. then we'll act in hindsight.

Comment Re:Sad that Trump is endangering the public like t (Score 2) 113

A court decision, based on a regulation promulgated under Obama, is now the responsibility of Trump ? Oh my...

No, the LAW, passed by congress in 2012 is the law. Period. The Obama administration decided to violate that law by conjuring up a pointless new regulatory limitation and fine threat outside the bounds of that law. The court just decided that the Obama administration's over-reach needed to be smacked down, as it deserved to be. That doesn't suddenly make the Trump administration newly responsible for anything. The law said that the FAA could act as if it had responsibility or authority in this area, and that's still the case. Obama grabbed executive power where he was not allowed, and now that power grab had been undone. How does that involve Trump? Be specific.

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 113

So the fact that people have been calling them models for decades, that's meaningless? YOU know what the word means, all of the people who've been building and flying model aircraft for decades know what it means. The FAA knows what it means, and congress, who wrote the law that the Obama administration violated, know what it means.

Comment Re: Democrats strike again (Score 1) 113

No. There were already millions of these units flying around with untold millions of flight hours on them before the FAA decided to collect their $5 for every toy sold. And the number of collisions with aircraft that even broke somebody's NOSE? Run down the list, I dare you. While you're at it, compare that to the number of people who've died playing soccer, or who've been hit and killed by another skier on the slopes. Go ahead, do some comparing.

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