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Comment Re:Puerto Rico (Score 0, Flamebait) 439

I am appalled that Puerto Ricans are being treated as a second class citizens.

You mean you've BEEN appalled for years about that? About how the local politicians in PR have, after being returned to office over and over again, carried on in a completely corrupt way, resulting in third-world conditions for those in PR still try to work and produce there? PR's people get treated like second class citizens because they ACT like second class citizens, and maintain a local government that keeps them that way. Let me guess, they were being treated like first class citizens by Obama, a year, ago, but everything's changed since then, right? Their infrastructure wasn't fragile a year ago, their economy was robust a year ago, and Obama had a huge fleet of people and material endlessly waiting to be dispatched to PR in case that hurricane-prone island had an usually bad hit. But all of that disappeared in January, right? Gotcha.

Donald Trump even believes that Puerto Rico is foreign country ...

Why lie? Really, what's the point? Who do you think you're fooling?

... and does not deserve our help.

Yeah, the tens of thousands of federal employees and military people he's dispatched there, and the millions of tons of supplies, generators, fuel, medical equipment, food, water and the rest - he's keeping all of that just off-shore and teasing them with it because he hates them. Gotcha. Again, why are you lying? What's your agenda?

This is our chance to do right by PR and develop plans to manage disasters.

You mean RE-plan. Because up until Trump took over the executive branch, everything was planned and ready, right? The career people who work in all of the relief agencies had it all under control and ready until January, when they suddenly forgot everything, sank all of the supplies because Trump ordered them too, and are now working on the "genocide" program that some partisan socialist mayor in PR says Trump is executing. Gotcha. Or are you actually admitting that when the Democrats had full control of the government, and had control of the executive branch and thus the relief agencies like FEMA for the last eight years, they did nothing to make things more prepared? I see.

The aftermath of Katrina and Rita turned thriving areas into scenes right out of disaster films.

Right. Because those were (ready?) disasters. Puerto Rico also just had a real disaster. Made as difficult as it is because of a terribly corrupt local political environment, and a third-world quality power infrastructure they weren't willing to invest in. Why? Because they'd already squandered all of their people's money on corrupt waste. Not unlike New Orleans, really, where much of the scale of the problem was a result of LOCAL incompetence. Displays of desperation on the part of people who live below sea level in a routine hurricane target, but can't set aside a week's worth of canned beans and 30 gallons of drinking water because that's just too much trouble. It's Bush's fault! It's Trump's fault!

I believe he truly thinks a few roles of Bounty will solve anything.

Because you're full of crap and you know it. I suppose you think that Barrack Obama standing around shaking hands and helping to dish up some food for people in a line WAS going to solve things? Ah, I see. You're a complete hypocrite. Got it.

Comment Re: The strategy is obvious (Score 1, Insightful) 211

Well, let's see: You imply stupidity by complaining about irony while carefully avoiding the fact that his observation is accurate. If there's irony involved and you fail to illustrate why, then you're just dishing exactly the sort of patronizing snark that the GP was talking about. In effect, you've just made his point all the more astute. Then you attack him (not the point he's illustrating) by suggesting that he's using lazy rhetorical devices (you know, the thing YOU just did), again instead of even mentioning anything having to do with the subject matter. So, yeah. You've done nothing BUT attack the OP, and stay away from the substance. And now you're being defensive about it instead of taking the opportunity to, say, explain why you think the Democrats AREN'T shameless, disingenuous, hypocritical promoters and exploiters of identity politics.

Comment Re:Russia points out racial issues in the US... (Score 0) 211

Reinforcing phony narratives isn't "pointing out racial issues..."

They spotted the gullible media willingness to swallow the "hands up, don't shoot" fiction at face value, and leveraged it to further coarsen our political culture. Simple as that. They want discord, because it helps distract from their criminality. The fake BLM-style narrative is a perfect bit of leverage to that end.

Comment Re:The strategy is obvious (Score 1) 211

Are you saying the Russians also promoted Hillary?

They didn't promote anybody. But they did work - as they have for decades - to simply muddy the waters, stir the pot, and attempt to instill division and antipathy across the board. They, like everyone else "official," had every expectation that Clinton would win - and their efforts were simply aimed at making that task as difficult as possible. Which is what they've always done, and also do throughout the world.

Comment no it's not (Score 4, Insightful) 127

I can't really say what apple is or isn't doing but I'm quite sure you can't either. There's huge distance between a firmaware driven device with serial communication protocols of incredible complexity and a coffee filter. I don't think it's reasonable to expect apple to support every possible emulation of it's API. I can't think of any cas ein the history of modern community where a clean room emulation had 100% bit compatibility with the original. WHy would you expect a non compatible screen to maintain it's compatibility as the OS changed.

Comment recharging and electric fuel efficiency (Score 0) 208

But does "fuel efficiency" really matter for an electric car. It's more a matter of how long your battery lasts than the cost or envionmental impact or blood-for-oil that is a consequence for fossil fule cars needing to have better gas milage.

For many people, they take lots of short trips and every once in a while a long trip. FOr short trips and an electric car, one can just keep topping off the car while parked since it's mostly not in use. And for long trips on highways maybe you need to drive it yourself. It used to be people preferred manual transmissions too because they got better gas milage (not true these days).

Eventually self driving cars will be able to drive themselves with no driver at all. So while you are at work or shopping they can go off to find a charging station after they drop you off at the front door. indeed eventually you wont want to own a car, just call one to you when you need it.

Comment Re: And Nourse's _Blade Runer_ was excellent. (Score 1, Informative) 220

Regardless of whether or not there was pressure from the previous administration for health care providers to stick their noses into and make their patients feel uncomfortable about it, someone with the notion that asking a patient for the names and relationships of people who had access to guns in the house, and where and how they're kept instructed this nurse to go down that road. That pressure could have come from her own political agenda, that of her employer or nurses' association, or from insurers, or state licensing bodies, or from any of a number of federal agencies to which everyone downstream has to answer. The person delivering health services was reading from a clipboard and looking to gather that information. Her explanation as to why was suitably vague (having "to report it") as to sound meant to shut down whoever might ask about it. No doubt banking on seniors' general go-along-with-it disposition. No matter how you slice it, it doesn't pass the smell test.

Comment Re: And Nourse's _Blade Runer_ was excellent. (Score 1, Interesting) 220

Last spring my 80-something mom came back from a doctor's appointment mentioning that the nurse who checked her in and asked the usual questions about her daily health also, clipboard in hand, asked her if there were guns in the house, how they were stored, and who (including names and relationships) had access to them. Even my mom, who normally has a completely deferential reaction to authority figures ("the doctor" or "the guy directing traffic around the pothole crew" or "the assistant manager at the grocery store") was (as a girl raised in a household where everybody hunted, and guns were a normal tool found in everyday life) was so surprised at the questions that she actually pushed back and said, "Why are you asking that?"

She said she was expecting some remark about older people and suicide prevention or something, but the nurse said, "It's something we have to ask now. It's part of all the public health reporting we have to do." Considering how often some activists talk about trying to get around the Bill of Rights by treating gun ownership as a disease, I'd say that there were indeed policy fingerprints all over that one.

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